5 Highly Customizable Premium WordPress Themes

Customizable WordPress Theme Illustration

Canvas from WooCommerce (formerly WooThemes) and Thesis from DIYthemes have been removed from this list. I didn’t feel like giving you 50 themes to choose from because I didn’t want you to go through analysis paralysis. If you give a person too many choices, they won’t choose any of them. Out of the box, these…

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Month 10: Adding Internal Links

I’ve started tracking my progress by using months instead of weeks because it was a little too confusing to count up the weeks. I’m still on the hunt to be the top result on Google for web design in Atlanta, GA. If you haven’t been following my journey, you can click here to go back…

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How To Get More Leads With Your Copy

I’m pretty close to being at the top of Google for keywords related to web design in Atlanta. It’s been a fun ride going from being non-existent in Atlanta to being considered as one of the top web designers in the city. My amount of web design inquiries has skyrocketed. My SEO skills have allowed me to be found…

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