How to Become an Instagram Guru

This post comes from Ivan Serrano, a social media, personal finance, and business journalist from Northern California. We were quite flattered that he wanted to guest post for us. We read some of his sample articles that he had sent us, and we found them to be interesting. Without further adieu, here's the beef!

Instagram LogoDo you want to make your brand stand out online? Then you must learn how to use Instagram.

By mastering Instagram, you’ll learn how to use this photo sharing network to its best abilities, build a strong visual brand, and engage with your target customers. You’ll also learn how to tell stories through photos and create relationships with your audience.

With 200 million active users and 60 million photos uploaded each day, Instagram is growing into a very popular photo sharing network. Seventy percent of Instagram users check their accounts at least once a day and this platform is also the most popular app people use on their smartphones.

When creating an Instagram strategy for your brand, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it’s important to showcase your products in a creative way. You should also use Instagram to establish a brand identity and launch creative hashtag campaigns.

As you create photos for Instagram, be sure they are visually-appealing and high-quality. Make sure you use high resolution photos and that you include a caption that will spark engagement. Photos and videos are the essence of Instagram, therefore it’s important to publish at least two to three photos per week and to only use the “Normal” or “Mayfair” filter.

Finally, you should also use hashtags that will reach more people within your niche. Hashtags will help you build a community of followers and help you discover new customers. By using hashtags, you’ll be able to follow conversations within your industry and engage with potential customers who are talking about similar topics.

Mastering Instagram can change the way your business is perceived online. By using photos to tell your brand’s story, you’ll reach more people and build a stronger relationship with your audience. To learn more about mastering Instagram, please check out the infographic below:

Instagram Instaguru Infographic

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