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What Not to Do When Having Your Website Built

Here is a list of things not to do when having your website built.  This can be helpful information for existing website owners as well as people who do not have a website and are interested in getting one. Avoid using Flash intros – You know what I’m talking about.  The 15-30 second intro before you actually go into a website.  You may think it’s cool, but you’re visitors won’t.  Even if your visitors do like… continue reading »

Choosing a Domain Name Part 3

We’re here to wrap it up with our final installment of our Choosing a Domain Name series.  As always, we like to get into the meat of the subject rather quickly.  So, here are more tips! Stick with .com for businesses and .org for non-profit organizations – Usually people will type in the .com extension, so don’t go getting a .net extension if you don’t have the .com extension.  For example, if your website is… continue reading »

Choosing a Domain Name Part 2

We’re back to provide more helpful hints on choosing a domain name for your website.  Enough formalities, let’s cut to the chase: Check for availability – You don’t want to do all of your business planning around a domain name that isn’t available.  If the domain name is available, register it now!!!  We say this because we’ve had instances where a client decided to procrastinate on registering the domain name, and when they finally decided to give… continue reading »

Choosing a Domain Name Part 1

You’ve decided you want a website and now you have the challenging task of choosing a domain name.  For those of you who don’t know what a domain name is, it is your website address ( is this website’s address).  Picking a domain name could be a challenging task.  This week and over the next few weeks, I’ll be giving you some tips which could make the process a little easier for you.  Here are… continue reading »

What’s up with David Beckham’s underwear ad?

Yesterday morning, I just happened to finish my yoga workout and pressed the stop button on our VCR when I heard a reporter talking about David Beckham’s underwear ad. Well, fortunately my wife wasn’t in the room when I saw this, otherwise, we might not have gotten to the office in time. I know you may be thinking, “Mr. Technique specializes in websites, not celebrity smut!” Yes, Mr. Technique does specialize in web design, but something… continue reading »

Find out how to make a PDF file

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!  Wendi and I are back again to give everybody some free tips on how to use your computer and the Internet! Have you ever wanted to know how to make a PDF file?  By the way, PDF stands for Portable Document Format.  Well, you could purchase a copy of Adobe Acrobat, but a licensed copy of Acrobat will cost you at least $200.  If you don’t feel like purchasing Adobe Acrobat, you… continue reading »