Get more business with a Facebook Fan Page

We’re not talking about your Facebook personal account although you can attract business that way by talking about what you do frequently.  What We’re talking about is a company page that people can “Like” on Facebook.

Facebook Company Fan Pages can bring in some two way dialogue which would generate some interest in your product/service.  Customers or clients can also leave their testimonials as well.  It’s not like Yelp or Kudzu though.  You have the ability to delete slanderous sayings about your company.

You can set up a Facebook Company Fan Page by going to  Be sure that you’re logged on because you can’t have a fan page without having a personal Facebook account.  You should see something like this:

If you own a business, you want to click on one of the top three choices.  After you click one, you’ll be asked to fill in your company information to complete the setup.  Once you’re done with that, you’ll now have a Facebook Fan Page with a backlink to your website.

When you reach 25 viewers, you’ll be able to give your Facebook Fan page its own username by going to  Be sure to pick a name that you’re happy with because you won’t be able to change it after it’s been set.

You can give multiple people the ability to update the Facebook Fan page by going to the Facebook Fan Page and  selecting Edit Page –> Manage Permissions –> Admin Roles.  Type in the email address of the Facebook friend you want to add and hit Save.

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