Instagram is one of the top 30 most visited sites in the world (source: Alexa). The photo sharing social media channel was acquired in 2012 by Facebook, the social media giant, for 1 billion dollars. Instagram is one of the channels that we use to post news about our business. If you have multiple Instagram accounts that you would like to manage, I’m going to show you how you can switch to a different account without logging out.

Adding Another Instagram Account on a Phone

Instagram allows you to manage up to five different accounts on your mobile phone. To add a new account, go to your Instagram profile page. If you are on your Instagram profile page, you’ll see a hamburger menu icon on the top right of your screen. If not, tap your profile image on the bottom right of your screen. I’ve marked these locations for you.

To access the Instagram menu, tap the hamburger menu icon on the top right of your screen or you can swipe left.

Instagram Profile - Swipe Left or Tap the Hamburger Menu to Access Settings

Next, scroll down to the bottom of the menu and tap Settings.

Scroll down to access your Instagram account settings

You’ll see an Add Account link.

Add Instagram Account Menu Link

Tap that link and enter your Instagram account’s login credentials. That’s it.

Once you’ve added another Instagram account on your mobile phone, you’ll see a down arrow by your Instagram profile name. Tap your profile name, and you’ll be able to add another account here.

Add account on Instagram by tapping the Dropdown

Switching to Another Instagram Account on a Desktop Computer

You can’t switch to another Instagram account from a desktop computer without logging out, but if you use Hootsuite, you can see multiple Instagram streams at the same time.

You can learn how to set up multiple Instagram accounts on Hootsuite by clicking here.

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