Month 10: Adding Internal Links

I’ve started tracking my progress by using months instead of weeks because it was a little too confusing to count up the weeks. I’m still on the hunt to be the top result on Google for web design in Atlanta, GA. If you haven’t been following my journey, you can click here to go back to the start of my journey.

I’ve made a little progress for a few keyphrases on Google. As of today, these are my rankings on my keyword rank tracker:

Keyphrase Google Ranking
website design Atlanta 12 (Same)
web design in Atlanta GA 4 (Same)
Atlanta web designer 2 (Up 4 Spots)
web designer Atlanta 4 (Up 3 Spots)
web design Atlanta GA 6 (Up 1 Spot)
website design Atlanta GA 6 (Up to 2 Spots)
Atlanta web design 13 (Down 1 Spot)
web design Atlanta 15 (Same)

Since my last blog post, I’ve added more internal links to my website. An internal link is a link that goes to another page on the same website. Internal links are great for your visitors and for search engines.

Internal links are great for visitors because they won’t have to scroll back up to the top of the webpage to access another page. Having them makes for easier navigation. People who search the web like to click often, and you can influence your visitors on where they should click by using the right keywords.

Internal links are great for search engines because they let them know which pages are more important on your website. The more links you have going to a particular page, the more weight search engines will give to it. You also want to include keywords that you want to rank for in your link.

Here is an example of an what an internal link with relevant keywords looks like:

Tom Nguyen has been designing websites since 2002 and offers his web design services to small businesses in Atlanta, GA.

Instead of saying something like “click here” in the link, I added relevant keywords. It should be clear to the visitor that they’re going to be taken to a page pertaining to web design in the Atlanta area.

I’ll give you a real life scenario. Just imagine going into the local clothing store, and you see several signs pointing to where the men’s shoe department is. With that many signs pointing to where the men’s shoe department is, you have a pretty good idea of where the men’s shoe department is.

Now imagine that store’s website. If it has several links going to the same page that said “Men’s Shoes”, the search engines are going to rank that linked page for the search term “men’s shoes” higher than any other pages on that particular website.

The lesson is don’t just link to your other pages using your navigation menu. Add links in your content for easier navigation as well as for optimizing your website for search engines.

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