Month 12: Almost to #1 on Google

I remember saying in a personal Facebook post that I would be #1 on Google for web design by the end of 2014. There are only three months left the year, and I am pretty close to my goal. It has been an incredible journey.

I have been blogging about my quest for #1 for almost a year, and if you haven’t been following my blog, you can click here to go back to my first post on it. I provide some helpful SEO tips which you could apply to your own website.

Whoever said SEO is dead doesn’t know anything about SEO. It’s very much alive. An overwhelming majority of my leads come from search engines (Google mainly). According my keyword rank tracker, these are my rankings on Google:

KeyphraseGoogle Ranking
website design Atlanta2 (Same)
web design in Atlanta GA2 (Up 2 Spots)
Atlanta web designer2 (Same)
web designer Atlanta2 (Same)
web design Atlanta GA2 (Up 2 Spots)
website design Atlanta GA2 (Up 4 Spots)
Atlanta web design11 (Up 2 Spots)
web design Atlanta2 (Up 10 Spots)

Keep in mind that these are average rankings. The rankings could be higher or lower depending on where you are searching Google from. I’m now on the 1st page for every one of the keywords listed above. According to the Google Keyword Planner, all of the keywords that I have been tracking are highly competitive keywords.

Google Keyword Planner Screenshot for Atlanta web design search terms

As you can see in the above screenshot, “Atlanta web design” and “web design Atlanta” are the two most searched keywords. “Atlanta web design” is searched approximately 880 times per month, and “web design Atlanta” is searched approximately 480 times per month.

Do you see the dollar amounts? That’s what I would spend per click if I were paying for Google AdWords. For more information on using the Google Keyword Planner Tool for keyword research, click here to read Jenny Munn’s tips on using it. Jenny is an authority on SEO in Atlanta, and I suggest you download her free keyword research guide while you are on her website if you’re not familiar with keyword research.

Last month, I experienced a huge spike in traffic from being featured on the ElegantThemes blog (read post). My visits have simmered down since that huge spike but not completely. Although the visits for this month weren’t as high as last month’s, the Mr. Technique website still has received three times as many visits than it received this past January.

Since being featured on the ElegantThemes blog, I’ve done the following:

Given Advice on Twitter

Whenever a thought on web design or SEO pops up in my head, I put it out there on the Mr. Technique Twitter page. Often times in my tweets, I add a link to one of my blog posts and use a hash tag like #webdesign, #seo, or any other phrase in my industry. If you care to learn more about using Twitter, you can read my blog post on how to compose tweets.

Added Web Design Inspiration on Pinterest

I’m a big fan of Divi. It’s on my list of highly customizable premium WordPress themes, and I like seeing what other people can do with it, so I created a board that contains screenshots of web designs that use the Divi theme (see board). I started out with a personal Pinterest page, but I soon converted it to a business Pinterest page. Having a Pinterest page allows you to add more backlinks to your website. To get started with a Pinterest business account, click here.

Submitted Mr. Technique to Amray

It’s been a while since I’ve submitted a website to a SEO directory. Amray is a credible SEO directory that has been around since 2000, so it is credible place for a backlink.

In a nutshell, All you have to do to get to the top of Google’s organic results is provide value on your website and get credible links back to it. By value, I mean advice. It’s not that easy, but it’s not that hard either. I’ve taken little steps each day towards my goal. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


  1. Frazer john on June 26, 2016 at 8:00 am

    Hey Mate thanks for sharing such a good post regarding seo , can i get some more tips get my website in first page of google as i am very new in seo and i am doing for some the website and one of my keywords come to second page but coming in the first page since last 2 month .

  2. Tom Nguyen on July 10, 2016 at 2:39 pm

    Frazer, please read more of my blog posts on what I did to get Mr. Technique to the top of the first page.

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