Month 13: Tracking Keywords with Google Console

Things have been busy as usual. The phone calls and email inquiries are steadily coming in. If you haven’t been following along in my SEO quest, feel free to click here to go back to the beginning of it. In each one of my posts, I talk about some of the white hat SEO tactics that I used to help get Mr. Technique from page 7 to page 1 on Google for Atlanta web design related phrases.

It’s almost the end of the month, and I promised that I would update my blog at least twice per month, so I’m updating it. I’m giving myself a pat on the back because I completed the 99 Days of Freedom Experiment. Many people can’t even go one week without Facebook.

I’m firing on all cylinders now! I’ve hired an assistant to help me with the everyday admin tasks and social media posts, so I can get more web design and SEO work done. According to my keyword rankings tracker, these are my keyword rankings today:

Keyphrase Average Google Ranking
website design Atlanta 1
web design in Atlanta GA 1
Atlanta web designer 1
web designer Atlanta 2
web design Atlanta GA 5
website design Atlanta GA 2
Atlanta web design 2
web design Atlanta 1

By the looks of the data above, it looks like I’m ranked #1 for half of my tracked phrases. Unfortunately, I’m not……yet. I manually looked up each of the search phrases on Google and they weren’t accurate, so I turned to  Google Console (formerly known as Webmaster Tools) search queries tool and found these numbers to be more accurate:

Keyphrase Average Google Ranking
website design Atlanta 3.8
web design in Atlanta GA 2.0
Atlanta web designer 1.6
web designer Atlanta 2.9
web design Atlanta GA 2.6
website design Atlanta GA 2.4
Atlanta web design 6.2
web design Atlanta 4.3

With the exception of “Atlanta web design”, I’m ranked inside of the top 5 on Google. All of these phrases are searched at least 100 times and some of them (like “Atlanta web design” and “web design Atlanta” are searched more than 2000 times per month.

Since last month’s blog post on my search engine rankings, I’ve submitted my website to the Aviva Directory. Of course, I’m still doing my usual posting on Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus. Now that I’m done with my 99 day hiatus from Facebook, I’ll be updating the Mr. Technique Facebook page as well. And guess what? I just started an Instagram account! Watch out!

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