Month 14: Social Media Profile Tweaking and Industry Directory Submissions

We have been pretty transparent about what we’ve done to improve our rankings on Google for Atlanta web design related keywords. We’ve given away great SEO tips that will improve your search engine rankings and get more leads. If you haven’t been following our quest to be #1 on Google, you can click here to back to the beginning. We have been slammed to the point where we had to bring on an assistant. My inbox is flooded with emails every day from people who need a website and my vendors.

We’re amazed by the fact that these so-called SEO companies from India still send us an automated email from a Gmail (not so professional) account saying that they can get me to the top of Google. Do they not know that we ARE at the top of Google? Do they really think that we’re going to ever purchase services from them?

We’re coming in to the final month of 2014, and our goal was to be #1 on Google by 2015. Here are our current rankings according to our search engine keyword tracker:

Keyphrase Average Google Ranking
website design Atlanta 1
web design in Atlanta GA 1
Atlanta web designer 4
web designer Atlanta 2
web design Atlanta GA 5
website design Atlanta GA 1
Atlanta web design 4
web design Atlanta 1

Here are our current rankings for the same keywords on Google Webmaster Tools:

Keyphrase Average Google Ranking
website design Atlanta 2.1
web design in Atlanta GA 1.1
Atlanta web designer 1.4
web designer Atlanta 1.6
web design Atlanta GA 1.8
website design Atlanta GA 1.9
Atlanta web design 2.1
web design Atlanta 2.1

Out of all of the keywords that we’re currently ranking for, “Atlanta web design” is searched for the most followed by “web design Atlanta” and “Atlanta website design”. We’ve manually performed searches for “Atlanta web design” and “web design Atlanta” via a desktop computer, Android tablet, and iPhone 6 while being logged out and saw that we were indeed in the top 3 for these phrases. Google tailors their search engine results for the visitor if they are logged in, so that’s why we make sure that we am logged out while we’re checking Google rankings.

Social Media Profile Updating

With only one or two companies ahead of me on Google, we performed some Google searches on them. We found out that some competitors were using the phrase “Atlanta web design” in their Twitter pages LinkedIn company pages, so we decided to update my own profiles with “Atlanta web design” in the description.


Mr. Technique Twitter Profile

Mr. Technique Atlanta Web Design Twitter Profile



Mr. Technique LinkedIn Company Page

Mr. Technique LinkedIn Atlanta Web Design Company Page


Industry Directory Submissions

We also found a few industry directories that we could add our website to:

We found out that we were already listed on The Firm List, but our listing had an old Grantville address on it, so we put in a request to have it updated. The person in charge of the directory kindly updated our address and notified us.

Monna required a reciprocal link to their directory, so we added them to the list of web directories in our blog sidebar. Hopefully, they will add Mr. Technique to their directory before the end of the year.

Web Design Directory is paid directory which charges a yearly fee for inclusion. The cost to be included is $19.97/year to be included. We didn’t find the cost to be unreasonable, so we paid the fee. Hopefully, Mr. Technique will be listed in that directory in the next few days.


We’re excited to see what these minor tweaks will do for our Google rankings. We hope you’ve gotten some good tips from reading this post. Next month is going to be the final month of us posting about our quest to be #1 on Google.

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