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Great American Bait Co. (Duluth, GA) Web Design Project

Great American Bait Co. Web Design Project

Project Description: I’ve wanted to talk about this website for a long time, but I signed a confidentiality agreement, so I couldn’t talk about it until now.

In April 2012, Jay Berlye found me by searching for a web designer in Atlanta, GA. His company created Bait-A-Trap, a new mouse bait product, and needed a website up in a week or less to show potential distributors. He didn’t want me to mention his product to anybody until he found a big distributor, so I signed a NDA.

I used the Canvas theme from as a foundation for his web design. I love this WordPress theme because it is just that: a blank canvas. I needed to design a website that reflected the packaging of Jay’s mouse trap bait products. Jay also wanted to use his cartoon character, Confuzzy, all across the website.

Jay was extremely quick in giving me information and feedback on the website design, so I was able to complete the project in about a week. Bait-A-Trap will soon be in Wal-Marts and Ace Hardware stores if it’s not already.

The home page features a slider that showcases all three of Jay’s products. You can click the screenshot below to view a larger version.

Great American Bait Homepage Web Design Using Canvas Theme

The rest of the pages have a slightly different layout. You can click on any of the screenshots to see a larger version.

Products Page Web Design with Downloadable Files


Trapping Tips Page Web Design with Different Font


 Standard Pages with Information and Images


Location: Duluth, GA

Services Provided: Web Design, Web Hosting


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