How to Set Up a LinkedIn Company Page

Unlike a LinkedIn personal profile, a LinkedIn company page can have multiple administrators. Like Facebook company pages, you can add a cover photo, post status updates, and add your company website address on a LinkedIn company page. As of today, we haven’t got any inquiries from our LinkedIn company page, but if anything, having a LinkedIn company page gave us a backlink to our company website (even if it was a nofollow link). Nofollow links still have an effect on search engine rankings. An example of nofollow links helping would be when ElegantThemes featured me in one of their customer spotlight stories. Our website’s Google rankings rose even though all of the links in their customer spotlight story were nofollow links. My theory is that nofollow links count, they just don’t count as much as follow links.

In order to set up a LinkedIn company page, you have to be logged in to your LinkedIn personal profile. From your desktop or laptop computer, you would:

  1. Click the Companies subnavigation menu item under Interests
  2. Click the Create button

I have numbered these steps in the screenshot below.

How to create a LinkedIn Company Page (Step 1)

You can also create a LinkedIn company page by clicking here. You’ll then be asked to enter your company name and company email address. In this example, I am creating a company page for one of my clients, The Atlanta Lawyer, LLC, so I need to use an email address with their domain name in order to create a LinkedIn company page for them.

How to create a LinkedIn Company Page (Step 2)

After you fill out all of the fields shown in the above screenshot, click the Continue button. LinkedIn will send you an automated email asking you to verify your email address. Check your inbox and confirm your email address.

Once you confirm your company email address, you’ll be asked to fill out more fields about your business.

How to create a LinkedIn Company Page (Step 3)

In the screenshot above, I highlighted the required fields. I would encourage you to fill out all of the fields. You can assign other admins to a company page, but you must have a connection to that person in order to be able to add them. My client and I have a connection, so I added him as an administrator.

Once you’ve created your LinkedIn company page, you can link it to your personal profile by just retyping your company name when you edit your job. As you type in your company name, your LinkedIn company page will pop up for you to select. In the screenshot below, you can see that the Mr. Technique company page popped up as I retyped my company name.

If you've created a LinkedIn company page, it will pop up when you type it in on your personal profile.

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