Past Versions of the Mr. Technique Website

Our company website has been redesigned numerous times. Mr. Technique went from being unseen on search engines to being at the top of the first page for several relevant search terms. You can click on any of the images below to view a larger version.

2002: The Beginning

Don’t laugh too hard. This was actually the 2nd version of the Mr. Technique website. Our head honcho just learned how to make images using Photoshop, and he wanted to show his skills off to the world. Shortly after designing this version, he picked up his first two web design clients. Mr. Technique wasn’t even a business yet, it was more of a hobby.

2002 Mr. Technique Website Design (Static HTML) created by Tom Nguyen in New York City

2005: Getting Professional

Our fundador (that’s founder in Spanish), Tom Nguyen, almost had enough clients to keep him busy on a full-time basis, and he wanted the Mr. Technique website to look more professional. Although Tom managed to make it look more professional, this website version didn’t get a single inquiry.

2005 Mr. Technique Website Design (Static HTML)

2007: Trying to Be Corporate

This was the year that Mr. Technique became an official corporation. Tom had dreams of growing Mr. Technique into a big corporate company, so he designed this version of the website to reflect that. This version did perform better than the last version.

2007 Mr. Technique Website Design (Static HTML with WordPress Blog)

2010: Keeping it Real

Tom realized that Mr. Technique was not the corporate type (wearing suit and tie), and he wanted a design that he could identify with. This version generated yet more leads than the last version but not as many as he would like.

2010 Mr. Technique Website Design (Static HTML with WordPress Blog)

2011: Getting Serious

This version of Mr. Technique was by far the BEST version. It was a lead generating machine. Tons of pages and blog posts were added to it, and we had a lot of fun keeping it up to date. We rode this version until the wheels came off.

2011 Mr. Technique Web Design (Built with WordPress)


As much as we loved adding content and working with the last Mr. Technique web design, it wasn’t responsive. We had to keep up with the times and redesign our website, so here it is.