Week 13: Setting UP Angie’s List and Judy’s Book Profiles

Happy Belated New Year! It’s been quite a while since my last blog post. In the last few weeks, my rankings for web design in Atlanta, GA have dropped a little. Although the amount of calls and traffic is holding steady or even increasing a little, I won’t be satisfied until I have that #1 ranking. See the screenshot below for my average Google rankings for web design in Atlanta, GA and related keyphrases.

Week 13 web design in Atlanta, GA Google Rankings

If you look at my previous blog post on my Google rankings, you’ll see that my website has indeed slipped a few notches. I’ve fallen to the second page for many of the keywords. With that being said, to say that no one goes past the first page in Google is not true. I’ve had a few people tell me that they found me on the second page.

If you’ve been following my SEO quest, I talked about removing duplicate listings off Google and Yahoo, two really huge companies. I filled out a request on both websites to have my duplicate listings removed, and I honestly didn’t think they were going to respond, but they did!

First, I received a phone call from Google telling me that they would remove my duplicate listings at a previous address. Then, Yahoo sent me a couple of emails telling me that they have removed the duplicate listings from their database, but it will take a few weeks because their local and search databases do not update simultaneously.

Google didn’t remove my listing at my old address, but they did mark that location as closed. The duplicate listings are still up on Yahoo, but hopefully, they will be gone soon. Getting rid of duplicate listings is a bitch!

Enough of my ranting. I said 4 weeks ago that I would talk about setting up Angie’s List and Judy’s Book listings, and that’s what I’m here to do.

Setting Up an Angie’s List Profile

Angie's List Logo

If you ever need to find a reliable doctor, plumber, landscaper, or even a web designer, then Angie’s List could help you do just that. What’s unique about Angie’s List is they don’t charge businesses to be listed. Angie’s List makes money by charging the consumers a yearly fee. The yearly fee is worth it. I found a great doctor through Angie’s List.

Angie’s List is pretty hardcore in filtering their reviews. They actually rejected a couple of my reviews that I left for a couple of my web design clients. I had purchased (not bartered) services from them and wanted to leave them an honest good review. No bueno. They sent me an email telling me that my listing AND my client’s listing would be removed if I continued to do this. Point taken. I’ll never do it again.

I set up an Angie’s List business profile for Mr. Technique, and so far, I have only one review. If you have an Angie’s List consumer account, you can see it by clicking here. If you’re in a service oriented business, I recommend you set up an Angie’s List business profile and start asking for reviews from your clients or customers.

Setting Up a Judy’s Book Profile

judys-book-logoLike Angie’s List, Judy’s book features a lot of service oriented businesses. I read a few websites that said Judy’s Book is a great website for local SEO. I decided to take the websites’ recommendations and set up a Judy’s Book profile.

Unlike Angie’s List, a Judy’s Book profile was not free to set up. A Judy’s Book subscription at regular price at the time was $239.00/year or $29.99/month. A paid subscription allows you to display a link to your websites, links to your social media profiles, photos, videos, and a description. To see all of the features you would get with a paid Judy’s Book listing, click here. I don’t have any reviews yet in Judy’s Book, but I plan on hitting up my clients for some reviews.

I may have slipped a few notches, but I still have more white-hat SEO techniques up my sleeve. It’s not over yet.

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