Week 18: Socializing on Google Plus

The road to #1 hasn’t been easy, but it has certainly been fun. We have been met with some stiff competition since making the top 10, and we’ve been on and off the first page quite frequently. we just logged in and saw in our keyword tracker that we’re now showing up at #4 for Web design in Atlanta, GA. We checked Google to confirm this, and it wasn’t true, but it was close. We’re at #6.


That was the only keyphrase with a noticeable jump. The rest of our tracked keyphrases seemed to have stayed the same.


Nonetheless, the amount of calls have doubled since we’ve last blogged. In the past, we used to remember everybody who inquired about Web Design or Organic SEO services from us, but that’s not the case anymore. We do still take the time to at least contact everybody who seriously inquires. We only ignore the solicitors.

We’ve had calls from people telling us that they contacted us because they only wanted to talk to the best web designers in Atlanta. We mentioned back in Week 4 of my quest that we was interviewed by Entrepreneur.com. Well, that article ended up being published on Yahoo Finance (see article). I’m sure that having a backlink from Yahoo helped my ranking some.

Since our last blog post, we added a few websites to my website design portfolio. There’s actually a few more that we need to add, but we’ve been extremely busy with existing client work. We’re not complaining though. We’re in a real good position.

You’ve probably heard about the importance of social networking for SEO. It’s definitely is important. When you think of social networking or social media, the first website that comes to mind is probably Facebook, but do you know what social network should really be on your mind?

Google Plus


If you scroll back up to the screenshot, you’ll see that there is a link to the Mr. Technique Google Plus Page. We’re assuming that Google would favor their own social network over someone else’s social network (e.g. Facebook), so it would be in our best benefit to use their social network.

We spend just as much time on Google Plus as we do on Facebook. The difference between our Facebook and Google Plus contacts is that most of our contacts on Google Plus are people that we have never met in person. My Google Plus contacts are web design and SEO related. Our Facebook contacts are from all over.

Over the last few months, We’ve posted links to my website from our founder’s personal and business Google Plus pages. We also make status updates to our business Google Plus pages using industry related hash tags like #webdesign and #SEO. Of course, we only put these types of hash tags in if they pertain to our post.

We’ve also befriended new people in the industry, and we read what they have to say about web design and SEO on a daily basis. We give our two cents on a lot of peoples’s posts and sometimes we offer advice. The more that we talk about our field, the more we are seen as an expert.

Another benefit of using Google Plus is that you can have a face shown with a website’s search engine result. Often times, our founder’s face is shown on our Google search engine result like this:


The image is there because we linked the founder’s personal Google Plus account to our website. This is called Google Authorship. Having a face with a search engine result makes it stick out more.

If you have Google Authorship set up for your website, but your image isn’t showing up with your Google search engine result, then you’re probably not blogging or updating your website enough.

Recently, we took the big plunge and submitted our website to the Yahoo Directory. Let’s see if that gives us a boost.

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