Week 3: Claiming my FourSquare Listing

I’ve been so slammed with work from existing clients that I haven’t had any time to work on my website’s SEO. Not that I really need it (knock on wood). I’m lucky to have a great group of website design clients in the Atlanta area.

According to my search engine rankings checker, I’m still around the 10th-12th spot.

SERPS.com Ranking Monitor Screenshot for Mr. Technique "web design atlanta ga"

SERPS.com Ranking Monitor Screenshot for Mr. Technique “web design atlanta ga” Google Rankings

These numbers are averages. I just met with a new client today and she told me that I was around the 3rd or 4th spot when she searched for web design in Atlanta GA off Google. The SERPS.com rank checker covers Bing and Yahoo rankings as well, but my rankings aren’t as high on those two search engines. Speaking of Bing, I started searching exclusively on there just to break away from the norm. Maybe next month, I’ll try search with only Ask.

Back to the subject of this blog post, I’m supposed to tell you what I’m doing to improve my Google rankings for the phrase “web design atlanta ga”. Over the last two weeks, I’ve been using Foursquare and checking in to places all over Atlanta. Foursquare is a lot like Yelp where you can leave tips and rate businesses, but what makes Foursquare so fun to use is that you get points for every time you check in to a place. Yelp doesn’t have that. Foursquare also has badges whenever you accumulate a certain amount of points or visit certain types of places. The app gives you a sense of accomplishment with the rewards. Bing is doing the same thing as well to lure people away from Google.

So, I checked Foursquare to see if my business was listed on there, and it wasn’t. That’s ok. I went and claimed my listing. I completed the first two steps by entering my business’ basic information and verified that I owned the business over the phone by stating my name, the name of my business, and my relationship to my business. To finish claiming my business on Foursquare, I had to choose one of the following options:

Claiming Your Business on Foursquare by Paying $20 (previously only $1)


I didn’t choose Option 1 not because I couldn’t afford $20. Clearly, I can. If I can’t afford $20, I shouldn’t be in business. I didn’t choose Option 1 because it used to only cost $1 to claim my listing. Foursquare jacked up the price $19!!! I just couldn’t justify spending $20 for something that used to cost $1 a few months ago.

I entered my website design company’s Atlanta address, and clicked the “Mail Me a verification code” link. I did all of this on October 27th. I haven’t received the postcard with the code yet, but I’m sure I will.

Although I haven’t completely verified my business, a Foursquare page was created for my business. It didn’t have a link to my website at first, and I wanted a link back to my website, so I clicked on the “Suggest an Edit” link on the top left of my profile.


I made the addition and in a couple of days, my profile was updated. I definitely need to spice it up some, but I’ll wait until the postcard comes in to do that.

Mr. Technique Foursquare Listing

If you look closely at the profile, you’ll see that 1 person is there now. That’s me. Ha ha! Have you claimed your Foursquare profile?


  1. John Anderson on December 4, 2015 at 10:17 pm

    Hey Tom,

    Just thought I’d let you know that FourSquare have removed the post option. Now its the $US20 or nothing!

    Kind of sucks. Are you sure these guys are worth the money?



  2. Tom Nguyen on December 6, 2015 at 9:58 pm

    The postcard option still exists, John. I just had to re-verify my own business. I would say they are worth it. I’ve seen people check in to my clients’ businesses through Swarm, their sister app.

  3. Owen Carver on May 12, 2020 at 7:02 pm

    I just registered my coffee roasting business in Las Vegas Cafe do Paraiso with FourSquare and it only gave me the option to pay $20 which I did. It seems to be a high quality listing site. As long as I get 2 coffee customers from it then it more than pays for itself over the long run.

  4. Tom Nguyen on May 14, 2020 at 9:29 pm

    Owen, I’m glad you found my post useful.

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