Week 35: Fixing My Website’s Alexa Ranking

If you’re confused by the subject of this blog post, please go back to the start of my journey to be #1 on Google.

AlexaA few years ago, I blogged about how to use Alexa to find your backlinks and your competitors’. Alexa is also supposed to be a reputable source which determines how much traffic a website gets. The lower the number on Alexa, the better. At the time of that blog post, my ranking was 687,341.

Since then, my rankings on Google have improved as well as my traffic. I just redesigned my website a little more than a month ago, and my inquiries for web design have increased yet again. According to my keyword rank tracker, These are my website’s Google keyword rankings:

Keyphrase Google Ranking
website design Atlanta 12
web design in Atlanta GA 4
Atlanta web designer
web designer Atlanta 
web design Atlanta GA 
website design Atlanta GA 8
Atlanta web design 12 
web design Atlanta 15 

With my improved rankings and traffic, I figured my Alexa ranking would reflect that, but they didn’t. I found out that my Alexa ranking had did just the opposite. It plummeted to 10,484,242.

I knew this number could not be correct, so I contacted Alexa support. They responded on the same day to let me know that it was indeed an error on their part and that my ranking had been fixed to more accurately reflect my traffic. As of today, my Alexa ranking is 183,229. That number may not seem that great, but if I crack the top 100,000, Alexa will start showing me analytical data.

According to Internet Live Stats, there are close to 1 billion websites and the world will reach that number by the end of this year.


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