Week 9: Removing Duplicate Listings

Over the last few weeks, my Google rankings have gone up and down. It’s competitive in the top 10. I’m holding steady at #9 for “web design in atlanta ga” although I’ve dropped a couple of notches to #14 for “web designer atlanta“. These are average rankings generated by my keyword rank tracker. Maybe some of my competitors are starting to take notice of my ranking? I don’t know. See the below screenshot for my rankings.

Week 9 Web Design Atlanta GA Google Rankings

Regardless of whether my ranking goes up or down, I always implement white hat SEO tactics which may be the reason why I haven’t been affected by the Google “Hummingbird” update. I do my best to make my content interesting to read for people before search engines. I’ve been called by many folks who have told me that they had read and enjoyed my history page. That makes feel good knowing that people took the time to read about me.

This is what I’ve done over the last few weeks in hopes of increasing my search engine ranking.

Removed My Duplicate Business Listings

My web design business has multiple listings on a few websites. This is because I’ve moved around the Atlanta and Metro Atlanta area since I’ve been a web designer. I started the process of removing the duplicate listings at the following websites:

Hotfrog, Chamber of Commerce, and YP were the easiest ones to handle. I was able to get a YP customer service rep on the phone rather quickly. She had updated the address to my listing and removed any duplicate listings. I was able to do the same with Chamber of Commerce except all of the conversation was through email. For Hotfrog, I believe I all I had to do was claim my duplicate listing and remove it. Don’t quote me on that though.

However, removing the duplicate business page listings on Facebook, Google, and Yahoo required more steps.

How I Removed My Duplicate Facebook Company PageMr. Technique Duplicate Listing on Facebook

To the right, you’ll see a screenshot of my company’s duplicate listing on Facebook. I have a few clients in Newnan, but I no longer had a Newnan address, so I wanted to get rid of the duplicate listing.

I claimed my Facebook duplicate company page and went into the admin settings. I scrolled to the bottom and clicked on the link to delete my page.

Facebook makes you wait 14 days before they remove your listing. This allows enough time for any other page administrators to reject the change if it was done erroneously.

Removing My Duplicate Business Listing On Google Maps

Mr. Technique Duplicate Listing on Google MapsI found an old Smyrna address that I no longer use by searching Google Maps. You can see a screenshot of this to the right. I found the “Report a Problem” link and stated that the business had closed.

Hopefully, Google will respond in the next 2-3 weeks to my request. If not, I may have to claim that listing, wait for the verification postcard to come in, and then delete the listing that way which is something that I prefer not to do.

Removing My Duplicate Business Listing on Yahoo Local

Mr. Technique Duplicate Listing on Yahoo LocalAs you can see in the screenshot on the right, Yahoo Local had a couple of previous addresses listed. After some researching, I found the Yahoo Local Listing Removal Request Form.

I filled out a form for each duplicate business listing. Hopefully, these duplicate listings will be taken off in a couple of weeks.

Next Week: Setting Up New Local Review Directory Listings

I’m not sure if that’s the correct term, but that’s what I’m using. Local search is huge. Many times the local listings show up over the regular organic results. These local listings can be affected by third party review websites like Kudzu and Yelp, both of which I have gotten leads from in the past. My business provides services, so I needed to set up my listing on two service directories, Angie’s List and Judy’s Book.

I’ll go into more depth next week on this topic.

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