Who links to your competitors?

One way to get links is to find out who is linking to your competitors.  Recently, I just stumbled upon two backlink checkers, Backlink Watch and Link Diganosis.

  • Backlink Watch doesn’t require you install anything, but it is loaded with advertisements.  Nevertheless, it does the job and will give you the website that is linking to you along with the text used in the link.
  • Link Diagnosis doesn’t have all of the advertisments that Backlink Watch has, but it requires that you install a plug-in for the Mozilla Firefox browser.  If you don’t us Mozilla Firefox to browse the web, you can install it.  It’s my web browser of choice.

It’s important to have keywords that you want to rank for appear in the links to your website.  What do I mean by this?  In my case, a link that says Web Design in Atlanta, GA is more powerful than a link that says www.mrtechnique.com.

Search engines results weigh heavily on one way links from relevant sites.  It’s a website’s online reputation.  That’s how search engine spiders travel from one website to another.

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