For local businesses, a Google My Business (GMB for short) listing is one of the most important elements of Local SEO, and it's free to set up. GMB listings show up at the top Google search results pages above the regular organic listings and below the Google Ads as shown in the screenshot.

I've done the following for my own GMB listing as well as our clients' listings:

  • Claim/verify existing profiles
  • Reclaimed hijacked GMB profiles
  • Reinstate suspended pages (read how I did this)
  • Add services and/or products
  • Add additional relevant categories to rank for industry keywords
  • Add 3rd party menu pages that also show up on Yelp (select industries)
  • Add/delete users
  • Take access away from an unauthorized owner of a GMB profile
  • Answer questions posted from potential customers
  • Respond to reviews
  • Provide a link for client customers to leave a review
  • Get duplicate negative reviews removed
  • Create promotional posts
  • Add tracking codes to differentiate GMB visits from regular organic visits
  • Add photos and videos
  • Change addresses and phone numbers
  • Remove addresses
  • Merge duplicate GMB profiles
  • Remove cell phone numbers
  • Add faqs and answers to them
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