Emmet Wrap With Abbreviation

Emmet Wrap With Abbreviation Cheatsheet

By Tom Nguyen / May 6, 2020 /

I learned about Emmet from Brad Hussey. I took his course on building WordPress themes with Bootstrap. In the course, he used Coda 2, an Apple web development code editor, and Emmet, a tookit designed to improve your HTML & CSS workflow. Coda 2 has an Emmet plugin. Here are some Emmet Wrap with Abbreviation…

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Google Analytics and Google My Business Illustration

How to Track Visits from Google My Business on Google Analytics

By Tom Nguyen / April 16, 2020 /

You can do this by adding UTM codes to your urls. If you don’t use UTM codes, visits from Google My Business (GMB) will just show up in Google Analytics as google / organic. In this post, I’ll show you how to add a UTM code to your urls in your GMB listing as well…

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CodeKit Logo

How to use CodeKit Hooks to Copy Sass and CSS Files

By Tom Nguyen / April 6, 2020 /

If you don’t know about CodeKit, it’s a local development Mac tool which auto-refreshes your local site every time a file is saved. You can also look at your local sites on any device that is connected to your network with CodeKit. Among many other features, it also compiles Sass and Less files. When I’m…

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How to Scrape Info from Google Serps with Screaming Frog

By Tom Nguyen / January 16, 2020 /

To do this, you need to have an understanding of a little bit of XPath and Google search queries. You also need to know how to use the Screaming Frog SEO tool. I first learned about doing this from Rory Truesdale’s blog post on Search Engine Journal. Before proceeding, I wanted to tell you that…

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How to Remove Avada’s Auto Generated EID Parameter from the Gravity Forms Confirmation URL

By Tom Nguyen / November 26, 2019 /

I was able to get this problem solved in November 2018 with the help of Avada’s support team. When using Gravity Forms* with the Avada WordPress theme, I would see an eid parameter automatically added to the confirmation page url with an extra long value like this: /thank-you/?ref=583&eid=me6t014eZIqlcZPJ9TinHkmre+HumzmjyFu8eV6sbxuqUSvwbV8vPmy5UqBQhzNgY72TNbEW0wFn6Ph5KIc/IY6mwZHkWOZ8dMLECgJyx1ANvz0= The eid parameter and its value would…

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How to Remove Part of a Stroke in Illustrator

By Tom Nguyen / November 5, 2019 /

There are a couple of ways that you can do this. Using the Scissor Tool Using the Pathfinder Panel Using the Eraser Tool Removing Part of a Stroke with the Scissor Tool This is what I did in the above screen recording: Select the Scissors Tool () from the toolbar or press the keyboard shortcut…

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How To Set Up a Self-Signed SSL Certificate on MAMP Pro on a MacBook Pro

By Tom Nguyen / October 29, 2019 /

Glad to be back blogging and providing you guys with helpful web development tips. If you’re a regular visitor of Mr. Technique, then you’ll notice that I just redesigned the website. I redesigned this site using Beaver Builder which is one of my favorite WordPress themes. Pretty much all of my clients’ websites use https,…

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Gravity Forms Conflict Tester

How to Debug Plugin Errors on a Live Site

By Tom Nguyen / February 6, 2019 /

By using the Gravity Forms Debug Add-On, you can deactivate all WordPress plugins on a live website and reactivate them one-by-one to find which plugin is causing a conflict. This can be done behind the scenes without your website visitors noticing.

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Yoast Content Type SEO Title Template

Setting Up SEO Meta Tag Templates for Post Types on Yoast SEO

By Tom Nguyen / December 3, 2018 /

The Yoast SEO plugin allows you to define a template for your SEO titles and meta descriptions for all of your post types. By default, WordPress has a few post types: Posts, Pages, Attachments, Revisions, Navigation Menus, Custom CSS, and Changesets. The two default post types that you will work with are Posts and Pages. WordPress…

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How to Add a Full-Width Parallax Background Image to Dynamik

By Tom Nguyen / November 12, 2018 /

One of our web design clients was using the Dynamik WordPress theme* which is a Genesis child theme. Dynamik is different from most child themes in that you can make CSS and structural changes via the admin panel. You can even write PHP code in its Custom section. I liked Dynamik so much that I…

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