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Since 2013, Mr. Technique has won several web design and SEO awards. We've helped business throughout the United States generate leads and improve their bottom line. We've also helped many clients who have been scammed by so-called industry experts.

Clients also use us for many other tasks ranging from managing email accounts to hosting websites to removing cell phone numbers off the search engines to taking photos.

Digital Marketing Services We Offer to Small Businesses

Web Design

Need a professionally designed website? If so, let us develop and design your website. Your website designer should understand web design principles like knowing where to put images, what kind of fields your inquiry form should have among other things.


SEO compliments web design like fries compliment burgers. If you're looking to get more business through your website, then you need SEO. We've had a lot of success with generating search engine leads for our clients. We can talk the talk, but we've also walked the walk.

Other Marketing Services

Although our two specialties are web design and SEO, clients have asked us for other services like graphic design, social media management, domain name retrieval, Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) management, photography, and a whole lot more.

What Clients Say About Our Services

Digtial Marketing Awards and Press Mentions

Mr. Technique has received multiple Web Design, SEO, and Digital Marketing awards over the years.

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