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What To Do When Someone Copies Your Content

By Tom Nguyen / November 4, 2016 /

You’ve invested long and hard hours to generate website copy that generates leads and gets your company discovered on the first page of major search engines. What do you do if another person or company copies your content? Read this blog post to find out what you can when this happens.

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How To Get More Leads With Your Copy

By Tom Nguyen / July 6, 2014 /

I’m pretty close to being at the top of Google for keywords related to web design in Atlanta. It’s been a fun ride going from being non-existent in Atlanta to being considered as one of the top web designers in the city. My amount of web design inquiries has skyrocketed. My SEO skills have allowed me to be found…

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See who is copying your content with Copyscape

By Tom Nguyen / January 12, 2012 /

Copy plays a crucial part in a website.  The graphics play an important part as well in establishing the feeling a visitor gets when they visit your website, but good copy is what sells your product or service. Not only does good copy sell, but it can help with your search engine rankings as well. …

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The Importance of Good Copy (Part 2)

By Tom Nguyen / August 25, 2010 /

Breaking up your text into paragraphs makes your content easier to digest, but you also want to use headings to allow for scanning.  Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: The headings are in red and they are larger than the ordinary content text.  They give you an idea of what the following text…

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The Importance of Good Copy

By Tom Nguyen / August 18, 2010 /

So you have a snazzy looking website, but you’re not getting as many leads that you want.  If that’s the case, you may want to review your copy.  Just like dating and meeting your mate, looks can get your foot in the door, but after that, it’s what you say and how you say it…

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Good Copy and Testimonials

By Tom Nguyen / November 3, 2009 /

When you get your website developed, be sure to include good copy and testimonials. What do I mean by good copy?  Your copy should include the keywords that you want to rank for in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), and those keywords need to flow naturally.  Your copy should include a call to action…

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