Create a Pie Shape from Ellipse Tool in Adobe Illustrator

How to Create a Pie Shape Out of an Ellipse in Illustrator

By Tom Nguyen / May 18, 2021 /

I couldn’t find the Adobe tutorial that showed me how to create a pie shape in Illustrator, and I spent several minutes trying to figure out how to do it again, so that is why I created this tutorial. If you’re searching for an easy way to make a pie shape out of an ellipse,…

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How to Remove Part of a Stroke in Illustrator

By Tom Nguyen / November 5, 2019 /

There are a couple of ways that you can do this. Using the Scissor Tool Using the Pathfinder Panel Using the Eraser Tool Removing Part of a Stroke with the Scissor Tool This is what I did in the above screen recording: Select the Scissors Tool () from the toolbar or press the keyboard shortcut…

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How to Quickly Recolor an Image in Illustrator

By Tom Nguyen / June 19, 2018 /

I want to start off by saying that I am not an advanced Adobe Illustrator CC user. I know enough to do minor edits and make basic icons, but that is it, so if you happen to be more versed in Illustrator and know of a better way to do this, feel free to comment…

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Photoshop Blending Mode Cheatsheet

By Tom Nguyen / June 12, 2018 /

I get a confused about what blending mode does what in Photoshop, so I’m creating a cheatsheet. I’m creating this cheatsheet not just for our readers, but for me as well. I’ll keep adding to this blog post as I learn more about blending modes. For the blending modes to work, you have to have…

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Atlanta Web Designer Clone

How to Create Clone(s) of Yourself in Photoshop

By Tom Nguyen / July 14, 2015 /

I used my iPhone 6 and a tripod to take two photos of myself and applied a layer mask to the top photo layer in Photoshop to achieve this effect. I made a video tutorial on this.

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