Need Photos for Your Company Website?

Shown above is a photo of the sunrise in Downtown St. Petersburg from The Pier taken with a 70-300mm lens. We started offering website photography to clients because many clients are unable to provide their own photos of their local business. And if they do provide their own photos, lots of times, the photos are taken with their smartphone in portrait orientation (larger height than width). In addition to the photos being taken in the wrong orientation, there wouldn't be enough space to the left or right of the subject for the website text. Here is an example of a photo in Downtown St. Petersburg that we took which allows for text to the left of the subject.

CTOD Team in St. Petersburg

We took this photo intentionally with the subjects on the right side to allow for text.

Web design is artistic as well as it is technical. You could use all stock photos on your website, but stock photos give your site a cookie cutter type feel. Having your own photos will give your local business a more authentic feel, and they're even easier to perform SEO work on because they will actually be more relevant to the keywords that you want your website to show up on the first page for on Google and the other search engines. Using your own photos makes for a more engaging user experience which helps out with lead conversion.

Contact us if you would like for us to work on your website and would like us take some photos for it. We use a 70-300mm, 18-55mm, and 50mm to take photos.

Photos of Downtown St. Petersburg

  • pelican-flexible-neck-st-pete-pier
  • postal-worker-on-bike-downtown-st-pete
  • homeless-woman-st-petersburg-fl
  • father-daughter-girl-st-pete-pier-slide
  • St. Petersburg Pier Tour Bus
  • pink-building-curved-lines-downtown-st-petersburg-fl
  • Mirror Lake Downtown St. Petersburg, FL
  • building-curved-lines-downtown-st-pete
  • pier-tiki-view-from-below
  • sunrise-st-petersburg-fl-pier-5
  • Tom Nguyen at the St. Petersburg Pier
  • acrobat-st-pete-pier
  • Sunrise from St. Petersburg Pier
  • pier-tiki-view-from-hill
  • man-with-covid-mask-st-pete-pier-bus-stop
  • curved-metal-benches-st-pete-pier
  • Sunrise from the Pier in St. Petersburg, FL
  • woman-roller-skating-st-pete-pier
  • father-daughter-st-pete-pier-playground
  • St. Petersburg City View from The Pier
  • downtown-st-pete-04
  • williams-park-view-2nd-ave-n
  • colorful-round-sculpture-downtown-st-pete
  • woman-tide-dye-pants-dog-st-petersburg-pier
  • pelican-close-up-st-pete-pier
  • downtown-st-petersburg-4th-st-1st-ave-n

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