How to Get a Yelp Review to Stick

By Tom Nguyen / January 26, 2016 /

If you are a business owner, and you don’t know about Yelp, then read my blog post on Yelp business pages to get yourself up to speed. If you do have Yelp page, then you know that they are strict on what reviews they consider legitimate. Yelp will not disclose any details of their review filter guidelines, so what I’m about to tell you is all theory, but my assumptions have been correct way more often than not.

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Local Directory Business Signup Pages Part 2

By Tom Nguyen / June 28, 2015 /

This list was updated on September 8, 2016. A few weeks ago, I listed 25 local directories along with links to their signup pages. I provide digital marketing services to small businesses in Atlanta, and local SEO is one of those services. Setting up business listings with consistent information is extremely important for local search…

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25 Local Directory Business Signup Pages

By Tom Nguyen / May 31, 2015 /

Local citation or local directory websites are places where you can set up a profile that has your business name, address, and contact information at the very least. Customers or clients of your business can leave you a review on these websites as well. If you have ever done a search on Google, Yahoo, or…

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Is Yext Worth It?

By Tom Nguyen / May 17, 2015 /

It’s important that your business’ contact information is the same across all of the local business directories if you want to show up on the first page of Google in the local results for keywords in your business’ industry. Consistency is one of the ranking factors for Local SEO. Local Search has become more relevant…

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How to Appear in the Angie’s List Search Results

By Tom Nguyen / September 14, 2014 /

Angie’s List is an online advertising website for service providers if you didn’t know. Customers can leave reviews for providers like they would on Yelp or Kudzu. Unlike these two websites, members have to pay to search Angie’s List. Paying to search the list eliminates anonymous reviews. Businesses can sign up for free Angie’s List.…

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Bring Traffic to Your Website by Giving Advice

By Tom Nguyen / January 7, 2013 /

Manta is an advertising solution for small businesses.  You can register for a Manta account for free.  You can even add a few links back to your website and social media pages in your Manta profile. I’m not here to discuss setting up a Manta profile though.  There are millions of free business directories that…

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Free Advertising on Craigslist

By Tom Nguyen / December 12, 2011 /

Have you ever been on the website? You can post an ad on there at no cost to you. I started posting on Craigslist a couple of weeks ago and had someone contact me about getting their website designed. One of my good friends sells mattresses around Atlanta and generates most of his business through…

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