Angie’s List is an online advertising website for service providers if you didn’t know. Customers can leave reviews for providers like they would on Yelp or Kudzu. Unlike these two websites, members have to pay to search Angie’s List. Paying to search the list eliminates anonymous reviews.

Businesses can sign up for free Angie’s List. To appear in the search results for your business’ category, you need to have at least two positive member reviews. I know because I just received my second member review about two months ago. Although I’m not at the top, I show up on the first page when you search for web design in Atlanta, GA on Angie’s List.

Angie's List Search Results for Web Design in Atlanta, GA

Once a business has received their second review, they qualify for a paid listing which puts them above all of the free listings. I was contacted by an Angie’s List representative a few days after I received my second review about a paid listing. I said no to a paid listing because I didn’t need any more people inquiring about web design. I have more than enough web design leads coming to me thanks to my trusted white hat SEO skills.