Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Design go together like burgers and fries. If you're not on the first page of Google for any relevant search terms in your industry, then you may have some trouble getting traffic. Many people don't search past the first page. You could appear at the top of Google by 1) paying for ads or 2) providing an informative website that other relevant websites link to. We help our clients with option 2.

We are the Real Deal when it comes to SEO and especially Local SEO. Take a look at our SEO awards that we've won throughout the past decade. If you want to see what kind of knowledge we have about SEO, check out our blog posts on the subject. We have been fortunate enough to get our clients on the first page for competitive keywords that visitors use to shop for services or products.

SEO Certifications

Tom Nguyen successfully completed the Local SEO course!
Tom Nguyen successfully completed the Yoast SEO for WordPress (block editor) course!

We've been successful with doing SEO work ourselves and our clients. If you're in St. Petersburg, FL or anywhere in the Tampa Bay area, maybe you found Mr. Technique by searching for "SEO near me". If you did, let us know when you contact us. We still get excited when people find us through Google. Some things you'll need to have in order to improve your search engine ranking are:

  • Text Content and Internal Links - There should be more than two sentences. You should be able to produce a few paragraphs about the service or product you offer. Search engines (and especially Google) want to have the best websites at the top of any search query with best meaning informative. Business websites need to be able to educate their audience and not just sell their products or services. Having images keeps a website from looking too boring, but the text is what search engines look at. Linking your pages together is a must. These internal links tell search engines (and people) where they should go next.
  • External Links - As mentioned above, search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo follow links. The more relevant websites that you have linking to your site, the more relevant your website will be to Google. Directories, forum posts, YouTube videos, press mentions, and social media status updates are all capable of bringing a link back to your website.
  • A Google My Business (GMB) Profile - Google My Business profiles are shown above Google's organic results most of the time. It's important that you take advantage of this free feature. We know quite about setting up GMB profiles.
  • Local Listings - It's almost like having a Yellow Pages listings back in the day. Nobody uses the Yellow pages anymore. Nowadays, everybody uses the internet to find phone numbers and addresses. If you type in the type of business followed by the city and state, many times, the local listings will show up before the first organic search engine listing. All of these local listings which show a business' name, address, and phone number (NAP) all contribute to a Google My Business profile's position.

So what can Mr. Technique do for you?

We can't promise miracles, but we've generated leads for ourselves and our clients through SEO. As mentioned before, most of Mr. Technique's leads come through Google. We've helped clients get to the first page of Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo for competitive keywords. Here are some of the tasks that we'll do to boost your search engine rankings:

  • Perform a website audit
  • Research for industry keywords
  • Track your keyword rankings and send you regular reports
  • Read your website to understand your industry
  • Read your competitors' websites to further understand your industry
  • Create citations in local directories and review sites
  • Set up a Google Analytics account
  • Add Schema Markup copy to FAQ
  • Modify the title tag text on multiple pages to include industry keywords and synonyms
  • Modify your meta description on multiple pages to improve your listing's click through rate
  • Modify your h1, h2, and h3 text to include industry keywords and synonyms
  • Modify paragraph text to include industry keywords and synonyms
  • Add internal links
  • Add a table of contents to longer blog posts
  • Set up a Google Search Console account
  • Set up an Alexa account
  • Configure Yoast SEO Plugin (for WordPress and Drupal Sites)
  • Modify interior website page urls
  • Set up htaccess redirects
  • Review top 10 results for multiple keywords
  • Create, manage, and optimize Google My Business profiles
  • Add alt text text to website images
  • Rename image file names
  • Add external links to reinforce statements
  • Convert your site's url to https
  • Check and improve your website's loading speed
  • Split up your website's copy into smaller easier-to-read paragraphs
  • Use italicized and bold text for emphasis
  • Set up a Facebook company page
  • Transcribe videos
  • Link to media mentions
  • Search the internet for backlinks from industry websites
  • Help you build positive reviews on review websites
  • Set up a Google Tag Manager account with tags for Google Analytics, Alexa, Crazy Egg, etc
  • Add content relevant to the city or cities your business serves
  • Reduce the size of your website's images for faster loading time
  • Search for broken links on your website
  • Advise on what type of content to write on
  • Create an industry resources page
  • Add customer reviews on your website
  • Get rid of your website's duplicate content
  • Make your website mobile friendly
  • Create and submit an XML sitemap for Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Disallow search engine indexing to admin pages
  • Add frequently asked questions (with help from client)
  • Disavow links that can hurt your website's rankings

What Businesses Are Saying About Our SEO Services

Thanks to Tom of Mr. Technique, our business website traffic has grown 52% compared to the same period last year. Our newsletter sign ups are also up 22% for the past three months, all because of the WordPress backend he helped us implement.

Jenny Sun

Great experience - he dramatically improved my company's web presence, was always willing to explain things to me, and worked fast. Definitely recommend!


Tom is a great resource for SEO optimization and website management / design. He is very responsive to our needs and requests and when we have updates to be made to our site.

He always evaluates our requests and often provide better, more cost-effective options towards achieving optimum results. Very personable and easy to work with; "Mr. Technique" could change his name to "Mr. More Bang For The Buck"!

Barry G.


I don't promise 1st page results on Google and other search engines, but I can tell you that we have gotten clients on the 1st page for relevant keywords. The low hanging fruit would be to get your site on the first page for your company name. Setting up Google My Business profile would help with that.

SEO is a team effort. You provide us with information (words, photos, videos) about your business, and I will optimize it for you. I can make your copy sound better and make it look more presentable. That's part of my web design services.

If you're not willing to talk about your business, then I can't help you. This sounds easy, but it is not. Try this exercise, type up a 10 paragraph document discussing your business. Make sure that each paragraph has at least three sentences in it.

If you can do that, then go ahead contact me.

Because search engines want to produce the best results relevant to your location. For example, Mr. Technique may be ranked #1 on Google for the keyword web design firm or web designer if you were to search near Mr. Technique's office in St. Petersburg, but Mr. Technique wouldn't be ranked in the top 10 if you did the same search in Tampa, Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles. 

Because unless you have a Web Design or SEO business, you should know your business better than I ever could. I'm not miracle worker or magician. SEO is a long-term investment and requires some elbow grease. It's taken me years to write the content on my own company's website.

Here's a funny story. We asked a former SEO client (who we shouldn't have taken on) to give us some copy. This client at first demanded me to write all of their content about his industry even though he was an "award-winning writer". I asked him how could we do a better job than an "award-winning writer" at writing copy. He shut up and finally gave me the copy.

If you do decide to get SEO services from Mr. Technique, help me help you.

I don't have a set time, but I'd like to say within 6 months. Most of the time, you'll see results sooner than that. I'll track your website's progress with our keyword rankings tracker and Google Analytics. If you don't have Google Search Console, I'll create an account for you and ask Google to index your site if it hasn't been done already. I can't tell Google to hurry up though. They'll index your site whenever they can.

Some monthly SEO fees include:

I've done SEO work on sites that were built with:

  • Static HTML / CSS
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Zen Cart
  • BigCommerce

Yes, I do, but those types of projects typically end up being more of a Web Development project. I also end up providing Web Hosting services because their previous web host was garbage. Most of the sites that I've inherited have been neglected WordPress websites where the plugins, modules, themes, or core files haven't been updated in at least a year.

No. Results vary by location, and Google determines your location by your IP address. Every computer that uses the internet has an IP address. If a computer didn't have an IP address, Google (or any website) would not know where to send the information. That said, you can hide your IP address using a VPN service. Even then, you would still have an IP address. You can read this page for a better explanation.

All rankings have geotargeting on them. 

Digtial Marketing Awards

Mr. Technique has received multiple Web Design, SEO, and Digital Marketing awards over the years.

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