We have done this for many businesses in the Atlanta area. Just as many people inquire about our SEO services as they do our Web Design services. If you're not on the first page of the search engines for any relevant search terms in your industry, then you may have some trouble getting traffic. We know. We've been there. Many people don't search past the first page.

We're not Holyfield, but we are the Real Deal when it comes to SEO especially Local SEO. We've been at the top of Google for the term "atlanta web design (read a recap of our own SEO journey). What we did for ourselves, we can also do for you. We've been fortunate enough to get our clients (many of which are located in Atlanta area) on the first page for competitive keywords that visitors use to shop for services or products.

Atlanta Local SEO Specialists

Although we've been successful doing SEO work for companies that provide their services nationwide, our specialty is local SEO. Maybe you found us through Google by searching for web design in Atlanta. If you did, let us know when you drop us a line. We still get excited when people find us through Google. Some things you'll need to have in order to improve your search engine ranking are:

  • Text Content and Internal Links - There should be more than two sentences. You should be able to produce a few paragraphs about the service or product you offer. Search engines (and especially Google) want to have the best websites at the top of any search query with best meaning informative. Business websites need to be able to educate their audience and not just sell their products or services. Having images keeps a website from looking too boring, but the text is what search engines look at. Linking your pages together is a must. These internal links tell search engines (and people) where they should go next.
  • External Links - As mentioned above, search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo follow links. The more relevant websites that you have linking to your site, the more relevant your website will be to Google. Directories, forum posts, YouTube videos, press mentions, and social media status updates are all capable of bringing a link back to your website.
  • Local Listings - It's almost like having a Yellow Pages listings back in the day. Nobody uses the Yellow pages anymore. Nowadays, everybody uses the internet to find phone numbers and addresses. If you type in the type of business followed by the city and state, many times, the local listings will show up before the first organic search engine listing.

So what can we do for you?

We can't promise miracles, but we've brought business to ourself and our clients because of our SEO efforts. As mentioned before, most of our website leads come through Google these days. We've helped clients get to the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing for competitive keywords. Here are some of the tasks that we'll do to boost your rankings:

  • Track Your keyword rankings - You need to know if what we are doing is working. we will do the keyword research and you can add any words that you want to track. You'll get your own special website address where you can access your keyword rankings. You can also see how you stack up to your competitors for keywords that you want your website to rank for. In your keyword ranking track report, you'll be able to see Google Organic, Google Local Pack, Google Maps, Bing Organic, and Bing Local Pack rankings.
  • Tweak your content - Like we said earlier, search engines read text, not images. We will place the keywords you want to rank for throughout your website. If you're not the best writer, we can write your content for you using our writing principles. Copywriting is a time consuming task that most business owners shy away from but is a must to be seen by search engines. Not everybody can write captivating copy, and even less people can write copy that helps their website be seen in search engines.
  • Set up your local listings - Google Places, Bing Local Listings, Local Yahoo Directory, Yelp, and Kudzu are just a few of the places that we'll set up a local listing for your business. These websites also take feedback on your product or service, so if you're giving great service, it's out there for the whole world to see. These local listings also offer an inbound link back to your site.
  • Set up and manage social media pages - Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are websites to build up your fan base and establish some two way dialogue. These pages are sometimes seen in your Google My Business listing.
  • Set up goals in Google Analytics - We can't track your phone calls, but if you have a certain page that you want your visitors to see or if you want your visitors to fill out a business inquiry form, we can track this in Google Analytics. You'll know where the lead came from provided that they don't turn off your website's cookies. We also use Google Tag Manager to make it easier to add other visitor tracking services like CrazyEgg.
  • Add Schema Markup - This is website code needed for rich snippets to be shown for your website in the search engine results. Google says that rich snippets don't affect rankings, but having a Google search result that stands out could entice a visitor to click on it, so having your search engines result with rich snippets can improve the clickthrough rate to your website.

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