Are you located in St. Petersburg and need web design services? If you are and need a web designer that you can meet in-person, Mr. Technique, is located in Downtown St. Petersburg near Central Avenue. We can build you a WordPress or a Static HTML / CSS site.

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Which Web Design Solution is Best for You?


The Pros: WordPress can be updated via its admin panel. Being the most popular Content Management System out there by far (view source) means that it has a large community as well to help one another. Any type of website can be built with WordPress without the need for custom programming due to the amount of plugins out there. With page builder themes, the web design that you want could be created much quicker than it would take to hand code it.

The Cons: Due to its popularity, WordPress is always under attack. Like all Content Management Systems, the content (website copy, links, titles of pages, etc) is stored in its database. If the database is destroyed or corrupted, then the website is destroyed. To reduce the chances of being hacked, WordPress core files, themes, and plugins constantly need to be updated. If you choose to go this route, it would be wise to sign up for a WordPress maintenance plan after your website is completed.

Static HTML / CSS

Pros: With just Static HTML / CSS, there is a much lesser chance of your website being hacked. There are no themes or plugins to update. Once your website is finished, you won't need to pay a monthly maintenance fee. Your Static HTML / CSS site won't have as much source code as a WordPress site, so it will load faster. If you don't care about updating your own website and you just need a couple of pages, then a Static HTML / CSS site would be best for you.

Cons: You will need to understand HTML / CSS to update your website. If you don't, you would need to pay us for every change, and many clients do. Also, Static HTML / CSS is just used for small basic brochure sites. If you wanted an online store, job board, or a social media site, then server side programming and a database would be needed. We could custom code this as well, but adding these functionalities using WordPress would be quicker and cost less.

Why We Like WordPress

WordPress powers more than a quarter of the websites on the internet. My developer and I know WordPress quite well, and we love working with it. This website and the previous two versions were built with WordPress.

I started building websites with WordPress in 2011. Since then, I’ve learned quite a bit about this popular content management system. I do tasks the right way, and so does my web developer. We don’t cut corners. Here are a few tasks that we’ve performed with WordPress:

  • Restored WordPress via file and database backup
  • Designed and developed WordPress themes using the Bootstrap CSS Framework
  • Customized premium WordPress themes
  • Built WordPress themes almost from scratch
  • Set up a WooCommerce shopping cart
  • Set up a job board
  • Password protected pages
  • Created page templates
  • Removed malware
  • Set up an events calendar
  • Embedded videos
  • Embedded sound bytes
  • Created child themes
  • Created password protected pages
  • Convert WordPress to https
  • Perform SEO services

Themes We Know Most

If you have a website built in WordPress, we probably can work with your theme, but the themes we are the most familiar with are:

  • Beaver Builder
  • Divi
  • Genesis
  • Dynamik
  • Avada
  • Enfold
  • uDesign

Community Involvement

I've been active in the local WordPress community. Being in the digital marketing field, it's paramount that I stay up-to-date with the industry. I've attended numerous local and national WordCamps since 2014. I answered questions from the WordPress community along with two other SEO experts at the 2016 Atlanta WordCamp. I've given back to the WordPress community by having Mr. Technique sponsor WordCamp Atlanta 2017 and WordCamp Atlanta 2018.

I'm new to St. Petersburg, FL and the Tampa Bay area, and I look forward to meeting the WordPress community here.

What Businesses Have Said About Our Web Design Services

Web Design FAQ

You need three things:

  1. A Domain Name - A domain name is what your visitors will type in the address bar to find you (for example: is my domain name).  A .com domain name is the most commonly used extension.  There are many other extensions (.net, .org, .gov, .edu, .tv, etc).  You can do a quick search and buy domain names at Namecheap.
  2. A Web Hosting Company - A web hosting company is like your space that you lease for your business except it's on the web. This is where all of your website files go. Choose whoever you want, but be wary of dirt cheap web hosting companies. We offer some awesome web hosting packages.
  3. A Professional Web Designer - Last but not least.  I wouldn't get your brother-in-law unless he does it professionally.  Remember the old cheesy MySpace pages?  You don't want your website looking like that.  I'm assuming you're thinking of using us, and we are thankful that you are here.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, I would have only taken on local clients because I wanted to meet all of my clients face-to-face at least once. Since the pandemic hit, I started taking on clients from anywhere in the United States. If you're not sick, and your business is in St. Petersburg or the Tampa Bay area, I would be willing to have in-person meetings with you.

You can have as many pages as you want. Some of the main pages you'll want to consider are: Home, About Us, Products or Services, Contact Us, FAQ. In addition to these main pages, you'll want some complimentary pages as well to enhance and expand on your main pages. For example, you may want to add a testimonial page or a page to describe a service in depth.

We could have an informational 5-10 page website done in a week or less if you respond to our questions in less than 24 hours. Many of our websites have taken less than a month to complete because of their timely correspondence. If you don't respond to us, the website could take a few years.  We had past clients that have taken 2 years to get their content to us. Don't be that client. Please.

How long is a piece of string? Prices vary. Our basic WordPress sites start at around $3500 - $3750. We stopped giving fixed rates on Web Design and Development services a while ago because the client scope was always changing, so we work on an hourly basis. We can give you an estimate of how much your site would cost. There have been times where we've completed websites below the estimated price, but there have been times where the final cost was a good bit higher due to a complete change in product scope.

Sure you could spend $500 for a 10 page informational website with somebody else, but don't expect much of a return.  With your help in generating content for your business, we can help you make your money back and then some.

Yes, I do.  I believe in establishing relationships.  Please read my mission statement.  The majority of my clients ask me to update their website and help improve their search engine ranking. I put quite a bit of effort in maintaining and keeping my clients' websites secure especially if they were built with WordPress.

No. Once we design your website, you own it.  I can give you access to one of my Dropbox folders with your website files and database (for WordPress sites) to take to another web designer.  If I purchased the domain name for you, I always make your company the legal registrant.  Many web designers will make themselves the legal registrant either out of pure laziness or because they want to make it hard to leave them.

Yes, if Mr. Technique is hosting your website, you are provided with website visitor stats.  I like using Google Analytics though. It gives really detailed visitor stats like city, state, what keywords they typed, what search engine they used, etc. Google Analytics even let you compare data from different months.

Yes, some hosting companies will give you the ability to set up email addresses under your own domain name.  If you let Mr. Technique host your website, you can set up as many email addresses as you want. Google GSuite and Microsoft Outlook 365 are other options. If you need help with Google GSuite setup, I'm quite capable of doing that since I know Google GSuite pretty well. I even taught a Google GSuite representative something new about GSuite.

Yes, your website will eventually be indexed by search engines. I'll do some basic optimizing with your home page title tag.  If you want more than that, check out Mr. Technique's search engine optimization services

Most likely. My developer and I have worked with most types of websites. I've worked with several different types of websites before. We would need to have the FTP login information, and if you have a CMS, We'll need the admin login and passwords as well.

My web developer and I know WordPress quite well, and we use it for most of the websites that we build, but we're also capable of manually coding sites in HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL to accomplish some customized tasks. We use git repos to document changes to websites. In case a mistake was made during the web development process, we can always revert back to a previous version.

Other notable CMS' that we have built website with include:

  • Drupal
  • Zen Cart
  • Joomla
  • BigCommerce

We've also built our own basic Content Management System from scratch.

If we're coding Static HTML / CSS websites, then the answer is no. If we're building a WordPress site for you, I usually work with a customizable theme that can give you the design that you want. My web developer prefers to build custom WordPress themes. 

A website with design templates doesn't exactly mean you will have cookie cutter web design. A design template is a layout that you can use on multiple pages. An example of a web design template page would be an individual product page on Amazon. Every one of those pages have the same format. Amazon didn't custom code every one of those pages. It would be inefficient to do so.

Someone can manually code your website, and it could still look like a cookie cutter website. Conversely, someone could use design templates for different sections of your website (i.e. service pages, case studies, etc), and it could have a unique design.

Digtial Marketing Awards and Press Mentions

Mr. Technique has received multiple Web Design, SEO, and Digital Marketing awards over the years.

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