See who is copying your content with Copyscape

Copy plays a crucial part in a website.  The graphics play an important part as well in establishing the feeling a visitor gets when they visit your website, but good copy is what sells your product or service.

Not only does good copy sell, but it can help with your search engine rankings as well.  Writing good copy takes time, and you can’t just whip it up in a few seconds.  It requires thought.  Copywriters can spend hours and hours writing and rewriting copy until they feel its right.  If you spent hours and hours on your website copy, you wouldn’t feel so swell if someone just copied and pasted it on their website.

That’s where Copyscape comes in.  Copyscape will scan the web for any websites out there that have duplicated your content, and if you’re the person who is duplicating someone’s original content, Copyscape will find you.  To see for yourself, just go to Copyscape, type in your URL, and it will find all of the websites who’s content matches yours.

If someone’s copied your content, you could send them an email requesting them to take the duplicate content down.  What if they say no?  Go to and have them take the duplicate content down.  It’s not free, so try contacting the person who copied your content first.  If seeing is believing, then this video will help.

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