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Search Engine Optimization Explained in Plain English

By Tom Nguyen / November 2, 2011 /

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well, not to the search engines.  Words matter a lot to search engines.  Watch the video below:

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Monitor Your Website’s Uptime

By Tom Nguyen / November 1, 2011 /

You can really see if your web host delivers on their 99.9% uptime guarantee by installing a website monitor.  A website monitor will let you know when your website is down.  There are free and premium website monitors out there.

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Google Places Listing

By Tom Nguyen / October 24, 2011 /

What is it? Your Google Places listing shows up above the organic search listings. No, it’s not the paid ads. It’s free, and you can even add images to it.

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Where to Find Free and Paid Stock Images

By Tom Nguyen / October 4, 2011 /

You may want to use stock images if you can’t afford a professional photographer and/or don’t have enough photos for your website. Professional photos definitely help your website look…….more professional.  Over the years, I’ve used photos from the following websites: Free Stock Photos Flickr’s Creative Commons Collection – Lots of photographers and artists on here…

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Check your website keyword density

By Tom Nguyen / October 3, 2011 /

A great SEO tool to use is the Keyword Density Analyzer Tool.  It checks for the most prominent keywords in your website pages.  It’ll show you results for single keywords, two keyword phrases, three keyword phrases, and four keyword phrases. If the keywords you want to be ranked for aren’t showing up in this data,…

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Internet Archives

By Tom Nguyen / June 9, 2011 /

Check out the Wayback Machine.  You can check out older versions of almost any website out there.  I was able to find past editions of my website,, that went all the way back to 2003.  So, why would you need the Wayback Machine?

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Do you have an .htacess file?

By Tom Nguyen / March 5, 2011 /

Say what, Willis?  A .htaccess file is a file stored on your server that can redirect URL’s.  For example, I have redirected to  Google treats these two URL’s as different pages with duplicate content, and they frown on websites with duplicate content. If you get a new website designed with different page names…

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