Choosing a Domain Name Part 1

By Tom Nguyen / November 20, 2008 /

You’ve decided you want a website and now you have the challenging task of choosing a domain name.  For those of you who don’t know what a domain name is, it is your website address ( is this website’s address).  Picking a domain name could be a challenging task.  This week and over the next…

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What’s up with David Beckham’s underwear ad?

By Tom Nguyen / December 12, 2007 /

Yesterday morning, I just happened to finish my yoga workout and pressed the stop button on our VCR when I heard a reporter talking about David Beckham’s underwear ad. Well, fortunately my wife wasn’t in the room when I saw this, otherwise, we might not have gotten to the office in time. I know you may…

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What to do if you don’t have Microsoft Office

By Tom Nguyen / November 14, 2007 /

This week I’m going to talk with you about  If you don’t have Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or any other Microsoft Office applications, it may be hard for you to open some attachments in your emails.  I’m here to tell you to have no fear! can open any of these types of documents…

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