Protecting Your Site Against Malware

By Tom Nguyen / May 1, 2012 /

Using a CMS like WordPress or Joomla makes updating your website easy.  If your site was built using a CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc, then you want to protect it from malware. I remember the first time that my website was infected with malware, I started to panic.  I can solve a lot of…

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An Inexpensive Business Phone and Fax Option

By Tom Nguyen / February 14, 2012 /

For as little as $9.95/month, VoiceNation will give you a phone number which will call multiple phones at once.  Suppose you run a sales team.  You could use this number to dial every salesperson’s phone in the office to make sure everybody receive a fair shot at picking up the sale. You can set an…

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Take credit card payments on your phone

By Tom Nguyen / January 23, 2012 /

I don’t carry much cash around with me these days. I use my debit card most of the time to pay for most items.  It’s convenient, and I get to rack up points on my debit card when I buy something. Last August, I just finished getting my haircut, and it was time for me…

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Wufoo (Form Maker) Logo

Have your website form your way with Wufoo

By Tom Nguyen / January 13, 2012 /

I’m not too fond off designing website forms.  I’m even less fond of the server side programming needed to process a website form, until a friend who also designs websites told me to check out Wufoo. Wufoo makes creating and designing forms easy.  No HTML or server side programming knowledge is needed.  They handle all…

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See who is copying your content with Copyscape

By Tom Nguyen / January 12, 2012 /

Copy plays a crucial part in a website.  The graphics play an important part as well in establishing the feeling a visitor gets when they visit your website, but good copy is what sells your product or service. Not only does good copy sell, but it can help with your search engine rankings as well. …

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Keeping Your WordPress Site Safe

By Tom Nguyen / January 2, 2012 /

WordPress is the most popular CMS around, so it’s a big target for hackers.  Be creative with naming your passwords.  You can check out the 25 Worst Passwords in 2011.  If your password is on this list, you might want to change it. Another precaution to take would be to sign up for a Sucuri…

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Remote Storage

By Tom Nguyen / December 19, 2011 /

You may want to consider having your important documents and emails stored online.  What happens if your place burns down or if your computers crash?  For years, I thought about a solution to this.  I didn’t want to lose all of my data and have to start all over again. If you have your documents…

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Free Advertising on Craigslist

By Tom Nguyen / December 12, 2011 /

Have you ever been on the website? You can post an ad on there at no cost to you. I started posting on Craigslist a couple of weeks ago and had someone contact me about getting their website designed. One of my good friends sells mattresses around Atlanta and generates most of his business through…

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Who links to your competitors?

By Tom Nguyen / December 5, 2011 /

One way to get links is to find out who is linking to your competitors.  Recently, I just stumbled upon two backlink checkers, Backlink Watch and Link Diganosis. Backlink Watch doesn’t require you install anything, but it is loaded with advertisements.  Nevertheless, it does the job and will give you the website that is linking…

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