Choosing a Domain Name Part 2

We’re back to provide more helpful hints on choosing a domain name for your website.  Enough formalities, let’s cut to the chase:

Check for availability – You don’t want to do all of your business planning around a domain name that isn’t available.  If the domain name is available, register it now!!!  We say this because we’ve had instances where a client decided to procrastinate on registering the domain name, and when they finally decided to give us the green light to purchase it, it was gone!  Domain names get snatched up every second.  Click here* to check for the availability of your domain name.  If it is available, you’ll want to register the domain name.

Avoid zero’s (000) – People will confuse 000’s with Ooo’s.  Do you know which one is which?

Purchase both the plural and singular versions – This is almost like the misspelling tip in Part 1 of this series.  One of our clients owned the domain name,, and we recently saw the plural version of the name,, was available and purchased it.  Make sense?  We thought so.

If you sell products, get a domain name (or three) for each of your products – To further increase brand awareness, you’ll want to purchase a domain name that matches each of your products’ names.  For example, Tylenol® has it’s own domain name (  In addition to registering a domain name that matches your product, you’ll want to register a domain name which contains keywords which describe your product or service as well.  For example, if you carry your own line of pain reliever, you may want to get a domain name like or and have them forward to the product page which pertains to those keywords.  When registering multiple domain names for your website, be sure to have them forward to different parts of your website and not just the home page.  Too many domain names being forwarded to the home page can hurt your website’s ranking in the search engines.

Make sure you get the spelling right – We know in Part 1 of this series we said to register common misspellings of your domain name, but don’t forget to actually get the right spelling of your domain name as well.  Double or triple check the spelling before you register your domain name.

Contact us if you’d like us to assist you in choosing the right domain name.  Stay tuned for next week for more tips on choosing a domain name.

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