How to Add Custom CSS to Wufoo Forms

Custom CSS with Wufoo Form Blog Post Featured Image

Wufoo forms speed up the form creation and editing process, and by using their forms theme maker, you can style Wufoo forms to look like they are part of your website. If a you can’t style a Wufoo form exactly the way that you want by using their forms theme maker (i.e. a font isn’t available in the theme maker), you can apply a stylesheet that is hosted on your website’s server or a Dropbox folder. Read this post to find out how.

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3 Kick-Ass WordPress Form Plugins

Many WordPress theme providers have their own contact forms, but these forms are limited in capability. Not only that, you are limited to the amount of form fields the theme provides. As great as the Divi WordPress theme is, their form is very basic. It only has three fields: name, email, and message. The same holds true…

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Process Credit Cards On Your Website With Stripe

Stripe - Online Payment Processor

Since I’ve been accepting online payments, I’ve always used Paypal Standard. It was hard not to. It was free to set up, and there was no monthly fee. Paypal takes their fee from each transaction, and that fee is 2.9% + $.30 per transaction. I used a Wufoo form on my online payments page, and when…

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Have your website form your way with Wufoo

Wufoo (Form Maker) Logo

I’m not too fond off designing website forms.  I’m even less fond of the server side programming needed to process a website form, until a friend who also designs websites told me to check out Wufoo. Wufoo makes creating and designing forms easy.  No HTML or server side programming knowledge is needed.  They handle all…

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