Keeping Your WordPress Site Safe

By Tom Nguyen / January 2, 2012 /

WordPress is the most popular CMS around, so it’s a big target for hackers.  Be creative with naming your passwords.  You can check out the 25 Worst Passwords in 2011.  If your password is on this list, you might want to change it. Another precaution to take would be to sign up for a Sucuri…

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Remote Storage

By Tom Nguyen / December 19, 2011 /

You may want to consider having your important documents and emails stored online.  What happens if your place burns down or if your computers crash?  For years, I thought about a solution to this.  I didn’t want to lose all of my data and have to start all over again. If you have your documents…

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Monitor Your Website’s Uptime

By Tom Nguyen / November 1, 2011 /

You can really see if your web host delivers on their 99.9% uptime guarantee by installing a website monitor.  A website monitor will let you know when your website is down.  There are free and premium website monitors out there.

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Want to Sell Downloadable Items?

By Tom Nguyen / March 3, 2011 /

I had a client who had an e-book that he wanted to sell online.  He didn’t want to go through the hassle of emailing it every time a purchase was made.  He only had one product, and he didn’t want to set up a whole online shopping cart website, so  I searched the internet for…

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