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You may want to consider having your important documents and emails stored online.  What happens if your place burns down or if your computers crash?  For years, I thought about a solution to this.  I didn’t want to lose all of my data and have to start all over again.

If you have your documents and emails stored remotely, you’ll be protected against these mishaps.  Here are some tools that I use for remote storage:


Dropbox LogoThis is a big necessity for me.  Dropbox will sync all of your files on all of your computers, so if you have the same file on multiple computers, you only have to worry about updating it once.  You can install a Dropbox folder on each of your company’s computers.  You can even access your important files where Dropbox is not installed.  Just log in to your account to access your files.  Dropbox has a free account with up to 2 GB of storage, but I use the paid plan because I need more.  It has saved me before.  One time, my hard drive crashed, and I had to travel to Illinois the next day to work on a website.  Dropbox saved my ass.  I only needed to buy another hard drive, reinstall Dropbox, and download all of my important files from the Dropbox server.  If I didn’t have Dropbox, I would have lost all of my files.  God bless Dropbox.


Google Apps LogoIf you use Gmail, then you’ll love Google Apps.  I was tired of receiving countless spam emails.  Since I made the switch to Google Apps, 99% of my spam has been cut out.  In addition to the spam being cut out, I can access my Inbox from anywhere.  Google Apps also uses the Google Calendar.  What’s even better is that I can sync my email and my calendar with my Android phone.  I swear by Google Apps.  You can get started with Google Apps for free as well with up to 10 user accounts.


Passpack LogoI got tired of writing all of my passwords down and remembering them, so I wanted to find a place where I could securely store my passwords online.  Passpack comes with triple layer security.  That means you have a password, you have to click on a certain spot once you log in, and you have to enter your phrase to get through.  After a few minutes of inactive, your account locks up, and you have to enter your phrase to access your passwords again.  Passpack has plans ranging from free all the way up to $40/month.  You can share passwords with multiple employees.

I swear by these three online tools and they bring me peace of mind.  What kind of tools do you use to back up your data and emails?

With the usage of remote / cloud storage becoming a huge part of the internet these days, make sure you have the proper cloud computing security program to keep unwanted computer attacks off your computer.

Image courtesy of purpleslog on Flickr.

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