Using YouTube for Search Engine Optimization

By Tom Nguyen / May 6, 2013 /

Over the last couple of years, I’ve had success with doing SEO work for a few of my clients.  I noticed their visits had increased according to Google Analytics.  In addition, my clients reported a jump in phone calls and website inquiries. I wanted to let my visitors know about my success, so I filmed…

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Bring Traffic to Your Website by Giving Advice

By Tom Nguyen / January 7, 2013 /

Manta is an advertising solution for small businesses.  You can register for a Manta account for free.  You can even add a few links back to your website and social media pages in your Manta profile. I’m not here to discuss setting up a Manta profile though.  There are millions of free business directories that…

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Show Off Your Testimonials in Kudzu

By Tom Nguyen / December 10, 2012 /

Kudzu is another website where visitors can leave a review on your business, and it was around before Yelp, another review website.  You can set up a Kudzu business listing for free. Once you set up a listing, I recommend you send an invitation to a few of your customers or clients to leave you…

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Hot vs Not and Best of the Internet Directory

By Tom Nguyen / November 12, 2012 /

If you’re an SEO guy, maybe you have heard of Hot vs Not.  They’re not DMOZ, but they are a solid directory. Hot vs Not is a Google PR6 directory.  I’ve submitted a few sites to them.  You can even submit multiple sites to them if you want to build some deeplinks.  Deeplinks are links…

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Some Free Online Directories

By Tom Nguyen / October 22, 2012 /

Building backlinks is tedious, time consuming, and costly.  I’ve used a combination of paid and free online directories to bring backlinks to my sites and clients’ websites.  In a previous blog post, I mentioned a few paid online SEO directories.  If you’re low on cash and can’t afford a paid directory listing, here are a…

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Who Links to You?

By Tom Nguyen / September 17, 2012 /

If you didn’t know, getting relevant backlinks (a link from someone else’s website that goes to your website) are key to getting great search engine results.  Want to know how links to you?  Go to to find out. Alexa is one of the foremost authorities on measuring internet traffic.  They rank websites according to how…

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Benefiting with a FAQ Page

By Tom Nguyen / September 4, 2012 /

If you’ve been in business for a while, I’m sure you could think of some questions your prospects ask you. Your business could benefit with a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page in the following ways: [custom_list type=”check”] Sell  – Your website visitors may not be sold yet and may have some objections.  A FAQ page…

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Get more business with a Facebook Fan Page

By Tom Nguyen / August 13, 2012 /

We’re not talking about your Facebook personal account although you can attract business that way by talking about what you do frequently.  What We’re talking about is a company page that people can “Like” on Facebook. Facebook Company Fan Pages can bring in some two way dialogue which would generate some interest in your product/service.…

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Using Google’s Related Searches as a Keyword Tool

By Tom Nguyen / August 10, 2012 /

Keyword research is the start of your search engine optimization campaign.  If you don’t know what people should be typing for your site, then you won’t know what keywords should go into your content. One option is to purchase a monthly or yearly membership to WordTracker.  It’s a little steep though.  If you don’t want…

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