Some Free Online Directories

By Tom Nguyen / October 22, 2012 /

Building backlinks is tedious, time consuming, and costly.  I’ve used a combination of paid and free online directories to bring backlinks to my sites and clients’ websites.  In a previous blog post, I mentioned a few paid online SEO directories.  If you’re low on cash and can’t afford a paid directory listing, here are a…

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Who Links to You?

By Tom Nguyen / September 17, 2012 /

If you didn’t know, getting relevant backlinks (a link from someone else’s website that goes to your website) are key to getting great search engine results.  Want to know how links to you?  Go to to find out. Alexa is one of the foremost authorities on measuring internet traffic.  They rank websites according to how…

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Benefiting with a FAQ Page

By Tom Nguyen / September 4, 2012 /

If you’ve been in business for a while, I’m sure you could think of some questions your prospects ask you. Your business could benefit with a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page in the following ways: [custom_list type=”check”] Sell  – Your website visitors may not be sold yet and may have some objections.  A FAQ page…

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Some Paid SEO Website Directories

By Tom Nguyen / August 6, 2012 /

One of the factors search engines go off of to rank your site in their results is the number of inbound links from relevant sites that point to to your site.  To a search engine, an inbound link from another website is like a sign that says what your website is about. The more relevant…

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Who links to your competitors?

By Tom Nguyen / December 5, 2011 /

One way to get links is to find out who is linking to your competitors.  Recently, I just stumbled upon two backlink checkers, Backlink Watch and Link Diganosis. Backlink Watch doesn’t require you install anything, but it is loaded with advertisements.  Nevertheless, it does the job and will give you the website that is linking…

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Google Places Listing

By Tom Nguyen / October 24, 2011 /

What is it? Your Google Places listing shows up above the organic search listings. No, it’s not the paid ads. It’s free, and you can even add images to it.

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Check your website keyword density

By Tom Nguyen / October 3, 2011 /

A great SEO tool to use is the Keyword Density Analyzer Tool.  It checks for the most prominent keywords in your website pages.  It’ll show you results for single keywords, two keyword phrases, three keyword phrases, and four keyword phrases. If the keywords you want to be ranked for aren’t showing up in this data,…

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