Disabling Alerts for a Specific Post Type with the Sucuri Plugin

One our clients has a WordPress site that uses the YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote Premium plugin along with the WooCommerce plugin. Every time he received a quote request, I received an alert email with the following message:

Message: Shop_order status has been changed; details: ID: [id number],Old status: new,New status: wc-ywraq-new,Title: Order – [Month Day, Year @ Time]

Because my client’s website has the Sucuri plugin, by default, I received an email each time my client received a new quote request. He would receive anywhere from one to seven quote requests a day.

Sucuri Plugin Post Update Alerts

The Sucuri plugin email alerts regarding the shop_order post type in my inbox

After about a month, I decided that I didn’t want to receive these alerts anymore. I didn’t need to be alerted every time that my client received a new quote request. The first step to solving my “problem” was to check the alert message to see what WordPress post type was being updated. On my client’s website, all of the email alerts you see above were about the shop_order post type being updated.

Next, I went to the Alerts tab in the Sucuri plugin Settings section. To access this section directly, just go to yourdomainname.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=sucuriscan_settings#alerts. Replace yourdomainname.com with your website URL. Scroll down to the Post-Type Alerts section, click the Show Post-Types Table button, uncheck any post types that you don’t want to receive alerts for, and click the Submit button at the bottom.

Sucuri Post Type Alerts Settings Screen Recording

In the screen recording above, I had already unchecked the shop_order post type. I was just going through the motions again for you.

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