QR Codes

QR Codes stand for Quick Response Codes.  More people are browsing the internet with their cellphones, and typing up a website address is more tedious with a phone.  If you have a QR Code scanner, you don’t have to type in a website address.  You just scan the code, and you’re either taken directly to that page or you’re given the URL to click on.

Don’t have a QR Code?  You can do a search for QR Codes, but I’ll help you out by giving you a link to one right here.  Suppose you have a service or product that isn’t on your home page.  Instead of displaying the whole URL (e.g. www.yoursite.com/service-category/service.php), you can just generate a QR Code for your visitors to scan.

You need a smartphone to scan QR codes, and you also need the app.  Most of the T-Mobile new cell phones are smartphones that already have the QR Code Scanner app installed.

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