How to Track Visits from Google My Business on Google Analytics

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You can do this by adding UTM codes to your urls. If you don’t use UTM codes, visits from Google My Business (GMB) will just show up in Google Analytics as google / organic. In this post, I’ll show you how to add a UTM code to your urls in your GMB listing as well as your GMB posts.

This tutorial assumes you know how to set up a Google My Business page for your business.

How to Add UTM Codes to Your GMB Listing

Google My Business Listing Links
These are the links that will be affected when you add UTM codes to your GMB listing.

UTM tracking codes added to a url look like this:

The listing shown above is an organic GMB listing. The Website button and the Appointments link have a UTM code attached to it. If you wanted to separate visits from your business’ GMB listing and Google organic search listings, you would use add this UTM tracking code to your website URL:


The name I used for the utm_source was arbitrary, and the visit would be an organic visit since there is no charge for someone clicking on any of the links in the GMB listing. In the screenshot above, the appointments url shown actually is not the exact url which has the tracking code. If you mouse over the link and click on it, you’ll see that it will go to the page that you specified as your appointments page.

Adding UTM codes to your GMB listing will cause the data shown in All Traffic -> Source / Medium to look like this:

GMB Visits separated from regular organic Google visits in Google Analytics

Now, the clicks from your GMB listing and other organic Google visits are separated. You will now be able to tell which type of Google link is producing more visits to your website. For this website, more people were clicking on the links from their GMB profile than their organic Google listing.

Do You Need GMB Page Management?

GMB page or profile management is one of the many Local SEO Services that we provide. We’ll take care of adding UTM codes to your GMB page and other tasks such as:

  • Going after spammers who are keyword stuffing in their company name
  • Optimizing your GMB page for keywords that you want to rank for in your area
  • Adding your business’ images to your GMB profile

How to Add UTM Codes to Your GMB Posts

Google My Business Post

If you wanted to see which GMB post was generating the most visits to your website, you would add a UTM tracking code like this:


Instead of Name+Of+Your+Campaign, use whatever you want for the utm_content. I would use something that describes what the post is about. The plus signs represent spaces. You can also use this campaign url builder to create your url with the UTM code in it.

After generating your url with the UTM code it in, you would paste in the Link for your button section when creating your GMB post.

Adding a url with a UTM code in a GMB post

Now, if someone clicks on your GMB post’s CTA button, the visit will still count as a GMB visit, but you will be able to see how each post is performing by going to Acquisitions -> Campaigns -> All Campaigns and clicking the name of your campaign. In this case, the campaign would be GMB Post. To see the names of your Google My Business posts, you would display the Ad Content column by clicking on the Secondary Dimension dropdown menu and selecting Ad Content as shown in this screen recording.

Display GMB Post Details in Google Analytics

Once you do that, you’ll be able to see stats on your individual GMB posts like this:

Google My Business Post Analytics

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