Using Google’s Related Searches as a Keyword Tool

This article was originally published on August 10, 2012.

Keyword research is the foundation of our SEO services. If you don’t know what people should be typing to find your site, then you won’t know what keywords should go into your content.

One option is to purchase a monthly or yearly membership to WordTracker.  It’s a little steep though.  If you don’t want to pay Wordtracker’s monthly fees to do keyword research, then there are some other free and paid keyword research options.  You could use the Google AdWords research tool or you could use the Google related searches option.

The Google related search option is a great, free, and easy alternative for finding keywords.  You can find the related searches at the bottom of the search results page.

Take a look at what popped up in the related searches when I typed in Atlanta Web Design.

If you click on one of the related searches link, and scroll down to the bottom you’ll find more related searches.  For example, if I clicked on the web development link and scroll down, I’ll find more related searches. If you don’t find anymore related searches, just go back and click another term.  Little by little, you’ll come up with a keyword list for your website.

If you use Screaming Frog, you can speed up your workflow drastically by scraping the related searches for multiple keywords.

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