How to Add Images in WordPress

First off, make sure that the Visual Tab is active.  If it’s not, then click it, unless you’re an expert in HTML.

You’ll need to click on the Add an Image button.  You can see tooltips if you hover over any button for a few seconds.

Next, click the Select Files button, and select all of the images that you want to insert.  You can select more than one image by holding the Control or Shift key while you click.  Make sure none of your images are larger than 20 MB.

Once you’ve uploaded all of your images, they’ll be listed with a Show link. Click the link to expand the image properties.

The Title field is for your reference. It would make sense to give the image a relevant name. For example, I could give the above picture the title, “Hammering on Roof” instead of “build2”. Click the None button if you don’t want to link the image to anything or enter your own URL if you want it to link to an external site. It’s your call. The alignment section should be self-explanatory.

Next, pick the size you want your image to be. 300 x 199 means 300 pixels wide by 199 pixels tall. If you want to insert the image into your post or page, click the Insert into Post button.

If your image is too big, just click the image and then click the Edit Image button on the top left of the image.

To reduce the size of the image, just click on the percentage that you think is best.  When you select a size, just click the Update button.

If you want to see what your page or post looks like before you publish it, click the Preview button.  If everything looks good to you, click the Update or Publish button.



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