Activity Monitor

If you have a WordPress site, you may want to install the free Activity Monitor Plugin to track your users activity.  This plugin tracks logins, page/post creations, page/post edits, page/post removals, etc.  Since installing it on my site, I’ve seen a few attempted hacks with the admin username.

The plugin even tracks hackers’ IP addresses.  If you have an account named admin, you may want to remove it.  Also, don’t use any common passwords like 123456 or qwerty.  The plugin shows you the passwords the hackers use to log in to your website.  I’ve seen a few attempted hacks on my site since installing the plugin, but one of my clients has an automated hack attempt every two minutes.

If your site does get hacked, I suggest you purchase a plan from Sucuri Security.  They also have a fantastic plugin that is free with a subscription.

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