Sucuri Malware Protection Service LogoUsing a CMS like WordPress or Joomla makes updating your website easy.  If your site was built using a CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc, then you want to protect it from malware.

I remember the first time that my website was infected with malware, I started to panic.  I can solve a lot of problems with WordPress, but malware isn’t one of them.  I started searching and it wasn’t long until I found Sucuri Security (* affiliate link).  My site being infected with malware was a blessing in disguise.  I ran Sucuri’s Website Scanner (* affiliate link), and it let me know which file was infected.  I signed up with Sucuri, submitted a malware removal request, and in a few minutes, my site was clean.

For as less than $100/year, you can have Sucuri Security (* affiliate link) monitor your site.  If your site has been infected with malware, just submit a malware request, give them your FTP information, and they’ll fix it in a jiffy.  After they fix your site, they’ll give you some steps to follow to make your site more hacker proof.

Think of malware protection as homeowners or renters insurance for your website.  There are some things you can’t afford to pay for, and there are some things you can’t afford not to pay for.  Malware protection is one of them.

Have multiple websites?  They have a plan for 2-5 websites and a plan for 6-10 websites.  Have more websites?  They’ll work with you.

Disclaimer: If you click on any of the links with an * next to them and purchase a product or service, I will receive a commission. With that being said, I stand behind the quality of Sucuri’s service. My blog’s main purpose is to give helpful advice.