An Inexpensive Business Phone and Fax Option

For as little as $9.95/month, VoiceNation will give you a phone number which will call multiple phones at once.  Suppose you run a sales team.  You could use this number to dial every salesperson’s phone in the office to make sure everybody receive a fair shot at picking up the sale.

You can set an option to ask your callers to state their name, so you can screen your calls.  Don’t want to pick up the phone?  Press 2 and send them to voicemail.  The voicemail is stored on a mp3 file which is delivered to any email address you specify.

In addition to this, you can use the same number to receive faxes at no additional charge.  The faxes are sent to any email address you specify.  Outgoing faxes?  You only spend pennies per fax.  To do this, just log in to their control panel, upload your document, punch in the fax number, and press send.  Your fax will go through in a couple of minutes, and you can check the status to see if it went through or not.  There’s even an option to attach a cover sheet in which VoiceNation will make for you.  You don’t need a clunky fax machine anymore.

There’s so many more features including detailed stats, and this is only for the $9.95/month plan.  To see more of what VoiceNation offers, click here.

I’ve been using VoiceNation for a few years, and I’ve been really satisfied with their service.

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