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Organizing Your Posts with Categories and Tags

By Tom Nguyen / July 11, 2015 /

This post is for people that know how to add pages and posts. If you don’t know how to add a page or a post, read my starter WordPress tutorial that I wrote a few years ago and come back here. Let’s imagine that you bought a cookbook and the recipes are in random order.…

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Local Directory Business Signup Pages Part 2

By Tom Nguyen / June 28, 2015 /

This list was updated on September 8, 2016. A few weeks ago, I listed 25 local directories along with links to their signup pages. I provide digital marketing services to small businesses in Atlanta, and local SEO is one of those services. Setting up business listings with consistent information is extremely important for local search…

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25 Local Directory Business Signup Pages

By Tom Nguyen / May 31, 2015 /

Local citation or local directory websites are places where you can set up a profile that has your business name, address, and contact information at the very least. Customers or clients of your business can leave you a review on these websites as well. If you have ever done a search on Google, Yahoo, or…

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Is Yext Worth It?

By Tom Nguyen / May 17, 2015 /

It’s important that your business’ contact information is the same across all of the local business directories if you want to show up on the first page of Google in the local results for keywords in your business’ industry. Consistency is one of the ranking factors for Local SEO. Local Search has become more relevant…

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How to Choose a WordPress Plugin

By Tom Nguyen / May 3, 2015 /

What makes WordPress so great is that you can find a plugin to fulfill almost any functionality that you need. You don’t have to be an expert programmer to get the functionality that you need with WordPress. If you want an online calendar, there are plugins for that. If you want to run a social network like…

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How to Transfer Ownership of a Google Plus Company Page

By Tom Nguyen / March 15, 2015 /

Since I wrote this blog post, Google Plus has gone through a few changes. Google Plus is no longer used to display a business’ local listing. To manage your business’ listing on Google, you would use Google My Business instead. However, your Google My Business listing and Google Plus page are connected, so if you transfer…

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How To Get Admin Access to Your WordPress Site

By Tom Nguyen / February 8, 2015 /

Warning: Only use this method if you are sure that you do not have admin access to yourWordPress admin area and you cannot get it from anybody. Over the last few years, I’ve inherited some web design clients that had WordPress websites designed for them but didn’t have admin access because their web design company didn’t want them to…

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A Recap of My SEO Journey

By Tom Nguyen / January 2, 2015 /

Happy New Year, everybody! 2014 is over with and we wanted to show you our results and give you a summary of what we did to get to the top of Google for Atlanta web design related keywords. The journey was a fun one, and we’ve seen our website inquiries go from non-existent to more…

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How to Become an Instagram Guru

By Tom Nguyen / December 28, 2014 /

This post comes from Ivan Serrano, a social media, personal finance, and business journalist from Northern California. We were quite flattered that he wanted to guest post for us. We read some of his sample articles that he had sent us, and we found them to be interesting. Without further adieu, here's the beef!

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Month 14: Social Media Profile Tweaking and Industry Directory Submissions

By Tom Nguyen / November 30, 2014 /

We have been pretty transparent about what we’ve done to improve our rankings on Google for Atlanta web design related keywords. We’ve given away great SEO tips that will improve your search engine rankings and get more leads. If you haven’t been following our quest to be #1 on Google, you can click here to…

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