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Stripe - Online Payment Processor

Process Credit Cards On Your Website With Stripe

By Tom Nguyen / November 16, 2014 /

Since I’ve been accepting online payments, I’ve always used Paypal Standard. It was hard not to. It was free to set up, and there was no monthly fee. Paypal takes their fee from each transaction, and that fee is 2.9% + $.30 per transaction. I used a Wufoo form on my online payments page, and when…

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Month 13: Tracking Keywords with Google Console

By Tom Nguyen / October 26, 2014 /

Things have been busy as usual. The phone calls and email inquiries are steadily coming in. If you haven’t been following along in my SEO quest, feel free to click here to go back to the beginning of it. In each one of my posts, I talk about some of the white hat SEO tactics…

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How to Verify 1000 or More Email Addresses Quickly

By Tom Nguyen / October 18, 2014 /

Earlier this week, I was tasked with sending a newsletter out to more than 1000 of my client’s customers. Not too difficult, right? They provided me with an Excel spreadsheet of their customers’ email addresses, and I just uploaded it to MailChimp, my preferred newsletter service. Unfortunately, MailChimp had to stop the email campaign because…

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Month 12: Almost to #1 on Google

By Tom Nguyen / September 28, 2014 /

I remember saying in a personal Facebook post that I would be #1 on Google for web design by the end of 2014. There are only three months left the year, and I am pretty close to my goal. It has been an incredible journey. I have been blogging about my quest for #1 for…

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How to Appear in the Angie’s List Search Results

By Tom Nguyen / September 14, 2014 /

Angie’s List is an online advertising website for service providers if you didn’t know. Customers can leave reviews for providers like they would on Yelp or Kudzu. Unlike these two websites, members have to pay to search Angie’s List. Paying to search the list eliminates anonymous reviews. Businesses can sign up for free Angie’s List.…

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Month 11: Publicity from ElegantThemes

By Tom Nguyen / August 23, 2014 /

It’s been almost a year since I started blogging about my journey to be #1 on Google for Atlanta web design related keyphrases. If you haven’t been following my journey, you can click here to go back to the beginning of it. My visits have increased drastically. Last month, the Mr. Technique® website received around…

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How to Use Twitter

By Tom Nguyen / August 10, 2014 /

Currently, We’re going through a 99 day Facebook hiatus. We read the 99 Days of Freedom website, and we were so inspired that we wanted to go back to life without Facebook for a while. We’ve been off Facebook for more than 20 days now. Things are going great, and we don’t even miss being…

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Customizable WordPress Theme Illustration

5 Highly Customizable Premium WordPress Themes

By Tom Nguyen / July 29, 2014 /

Canvas from WooCommerce (formerly WooThemes) and Thesis from DIYthemes have been removed from this list. I didn’t feel like giving you 50 themes to choose from because I didn’t want you to go through analysis paralysis. If you give a person too many choices, they won’t choose any of them. Out of the box, these…

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Month 10: Adding Internal Links

By Tom Nguyen / July 20, 2014 /

I’ve started tracking my progress by using months instead of weeks because it was a little too confusing to count up the weeks. I’m still on the hunt to be the top result on Google for web design in Atlanta, GA. If you haven’t been following my journey, you can click here to go back…

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How To Get More Leads With Your Copy

By Tom Nguyen / July 6, 2014 /

I’m pretty close to being at the top of Google for keywords related to web design in Atlanta, GA. It’s been a fun ride going from being non-existent in Atlanta to being considered by UpCity, a SEO services company, as one of the top web designers in the city. My amount of web design inquiries has skyrocketed.…

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