Customizable WordPress Theme Illustration

5 Highly Customizable Premium WordPress Themes

By Tom Nguyen / July 29, 2014 /

Canvas from WooCommerce (formerly WooThemes) and Thesis from DIYthemes have been removed from this list. I didn’t feel like giving you 50 themes to choose from because I didn’t want you to go through analysis paralysis. If you give a person too many choices, they won’t choose any of them. Out of the box, these…

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Month 10: Adding Internal Links

By Tom Nguyen / July 20, 2014 /

I’ve started tracking my progress by using months instead of weeks because it was a little too confusing to count up the weeks. I’m still on the hunt to be the top result on Google for web design in Atlanta, GA. If you haven’t been following my journey, you can click here to go back…

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How To Get More Leads With Your Copy

By Tom Nguyen / July 6, 2014 /

I’m pretty close to being at the top of Google for keywords related to web design in Atlanta. It’s been a fun ride going from being non-existent in Atlanta to being considered as one of the top web designers in the city. My amount of web design inquiries has skyrocketed. My SEO skills have allowed me to be found…

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Week 35: Fixing My Website’s Alexa Ranking

By Tom Nguyen / June 29, 2014 /

If you’re confused by the subject of this blog post, please go back to the start of my journey to be #1 on Google. A few years ago, I blogged about how to use Alexa to find your backlinks and your competitors’. Alexa is also supposed to be a reputable source which determines how much…

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Week 31: Press Mentions and Website Redesign

By Tom Nguyen / May 28, 2014 /

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this blog, and a lot has happened since then. At the end of my last blog post, I said that I had submitted my website to the Yahoo Directory. Did it help? You bet! The Yahoo Directory comes at quite a steep price at $299 per year, but I…

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Week 18: Socializing on Google Plus

By Tom Nguyen / February 24, 2014 /

The road to #1 hasn’t been easy, but it has certainly been fun. We have been met with some stiff competition since making the top 10, and we’ve been on and off the first page quite frequently. we just logged in and saw in our keyword tracker that we’re now showing up at #4 for…

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Week 13: Setting UP Angie’s List and Judy’s Book Profiles

By Tom Nguyen / January 13, 2014 /

Happy Belated New Year! It’s been quite a while since my last blog post. In the last few weeks, my rankings for web design in Atlanta, GA have dropped a little. Although the amount of calls and traffic is holding steady or even increasing a little, I won’t be satisfied until I have that #1…

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Week 9: Removing Duplicate Listings

By Tom Nguyen / December 17, 2013 /

Over the last few weeks, my Google rankings have gone up and down. It’s competitive in the top 10. I’m holding steady at #9 for “web design in atlanta ga” although I’ve dropped a couple of notches to #14 for “web designer atlanta“. These are average rankings generated by my keyword rank tracker. Maybe some…

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Week 5: MerchantCircle Upgrade and Blog Commenting

By Tom Nguyen / November 18, 2013 /

My Google rankings have gone up a few notches this week, but we’ll see if my improved rankings stick. Last week, my website was at #13 for the keyphrase “web design in atlanta ga” on Google. This week, I’m back inside the top 10 and on the first page. As for “web design atlanta ga”,…

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Week 4: whatUseek Directory and Guest Posting

By Tom Nguyen / November 11, 2013 /

I’ve been met with quite a bit of resistance since cracking the top 10 in Google for Atlanta web designers.  I just checked my rankings on the rank tracker, and I’ve fallen a few notches even though my organic visits have increased 62% over the last week. You can see in the following screenshots…

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